on board
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ˈon-board adjective [only before noun]
carried on a ship, plane, car etc:
an on-board computer

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on board
supporting something.
While most of us might be OK about interracial dating, some people aren't on board with the notion.

working with someone.
It's a well-financed organization, and it has some well-known people on board.

Etymology: based on the literal meaning of on board (= on an aircraft, train, or ship)

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on board
to be on a ship/plane or similar form of transportation
We got on board the airplane just before they closed the doors.

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on board
on board1 prep. On (a ship).
Joan was not on board the ship when it sailed.
on board2 adv. or adj. phr. On a ship.
The captain was not on board when the S.S. Flandre sailed.
A ship was leaving the harbor, and we saw the people on board waving.

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