on call
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on call
Some types of workers, especially doctors, are described as being on call if they are available to make official visits at any time when they are needed, whether they are at home or at work:
She's a doctor, so she's often on call at the weekend.

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on call
available and ready to work or do something at any time.
Working for Mitnick was a lot like being a doctor — I was constantly on call.

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on call
to be available to be called to go to work
His job is to repair computers and he is always on call.

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on call
adj. phr.
1. Having to be paid on demand.
Jim didn't have the money ready even though he knew the bill was on call.
2. Ready and available.
This is Dr. Kent's day to be on call at the hospital.
The nurse is on call for emergency cases.

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