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only /ˈəʊnli $ ˈoʊn-/ adverb

تنها ، محض ، بس ، بیگانه ، عمده ، صرفا ، منحصرا ، یگانه ، فقط بخاطر
- sole, exclusive, individual, lone, single, solitary, unique
- merely, barely, just, purely, simply
Contrasted words: divers, many, multifarious, numerous, sundry, various
Related Words: incomparable, inimitable, matchless, peerless, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled, companionless, separate, unaccompanied, unattended, uncompanied, uncompanioned

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I. only1 S1 W1 /ˈəʊnli $ ˈoʊn-/ adverb

1. not more than a particular number, age etc:
Naomi was only 17 when she got married.
There are only a few cars on the island.
It’s only eight o'clock.

2. used to say that something or someone is not very important, serious etc:
It was only a joke.
It’s an interesting job, but it’s only temporary.
They’re only small cuts, nothing life-threatening.

3. nothing or no one except a particular person or thing:
Only the president can authorize a nuclear attack.
We use only the best ingredients.
women/men/residents etc only
The car park is for staff only.

4. used to say that something happens or is possible in one particular situation or place and no others, or for one particular reason:
I’ll tell you, but only if you don’t tell anyone else.
I ate the food, but only because I was starving.
The transfer takes place only when the data is complete.
You can put a phrase or clause beginning with only first, to emphasize it. You put the subject after an auxiliary in the main clause:
Only in London did I find a purpose in life.
Only by changing themselves can organizations continue to succeed.

5. no earlier than a particular time
only yesterday/last week/recently
‘When did you email her?’ ‘Only yesterday.’
only then did/would/could etc somebody do something (=at that moment and not before)
Only then did she tell him about the attack.

6. only just British English
a) a very short time ago:
She’s only just got up.
b) almost not Synonym : barely:
I only just finished my essay in time.

7. can only hope/wait etc used to say that it is not possible to do more than hope etc:
We can only hope it won’t rain on the day.

8. I can only think/suppose/assume (that) spoken used when you are giving a reason for something, to say that you do not know something for certain but think that this is the only possible reason:
I can only assume that it was a mistake.

9. I only wish/hope spoken used to express a strong wish or hope:
‘What’s happening?’ ‘I only wish I knew.’

10. if only spoken used to express a strong wish:
If only he’d call!

11. you’ll only spoken used to tell someone that what they want to do will have a bad effect:
Don’t interfere – you’ll only make things worse.

12. you only have to read/look at/listen to etc something spoken used to say that it is easy to know that something is true because you can see or hear things that prove it:
You only have to look at the statistics to see that things are getting worse.

13. only to used to say that someone did something, with a disappointing or surprising result:
I arrived only to find that the others had already left.

14. only too very:
Prices have risen sharply, as we know only too well.
Mark was only too happy to agree with her.
not only ... but (also) at not(4), ⇒ only have eyes for somebody at eye1(32), ⇒ for sb’s eyes only at eye1(25)

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II. only2 S1 W1 adjective [only before noun]
[Language: Old English; Origin: anlic, from an; one3]

1. used to say that there is one person, thing, or group in a particular situation and no others:
I was the only woman there.
He is our only child.
I was the only one who disagreed.
Cutting costs is the only solution.
She’s the only person for this job.

2. the only thing/problem is ... spoken used when you are going to mention a problem or disadvantage:
I could take you. The only thing is Dan might need the car.

3. an only child a child who has no brothers or sisters ⇒ the one and only at one4(2), ⇒ (only) time will tell at time1(36)

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III. only3 conjunction spoken
used like ‘but’ to give the reason why something is not possible Synonym : except (that):
I’d offer to help, only I’m really busy just now.

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BAD: Only when it started to rain he noticed that he had left his raincoat somewhere.
GOOD: Only when it started to rain did he notice that he had left his raincoat somewhere.

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BAD: He not only was a talented pianist but also a great composer.
GOOD: He was not only a talented pianist but also a great composer.

Usage Note:
The position of not only should be the same as the position of but also (i.e. immediately before an object, immediately before a main verb, etc).
Compare: 'He injured not only his shoulder but also his elbow.' ('his shoulder' and 'his elbow' are both objects) 'He not only injured his back but also hurt his head.' ('injured' and 'hurt' are both verbs)

BAD: The level of pollution can only be reduced by the introduction of new laws.
GOOD: The level of pollution can be reduced only by the introduction of new laws.

Usage Note:
To avoid confusion in written English, only is usually placed as near as possible to the word or phrase that it modifies. Compare: 'Alison only posted the letter to Mr Jones.' (= she didn't write it) 'Alison posted only the letter to Mr Jones.' (= she didn't post the other letters)
In spoken English the position of only is less important because the speaker uses stress to make the meaning clear.

BAD: If you only would stay longer, your English would improve.
GOOD: If only you would stay longer, your English would improve.
GOOD: If you would only stay longer, your English would improve.

Usage Note:
When if only is used to express a wish, the two words usually stay together: 'If only I could stop smoking.' Sometimes, only is placed in front of the main verb 'If I could only stop smoking.'

BAD: Not only I passed, but I got a distinction.
GOOD: Not only did I pass, but I got a distinction.


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