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otherwise /ˈʌðəwaɪz $ ˈʌðər-/ adverb

طور دیگر ، وگرنه ، والا ، درغیراینصورت
- or else, if not, or then
- differently, any other way, contrarily
Antonyms: likewise
English Thesaurus: if, unless, whether or not, otherwise, in case, ...

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otherwise S1 W2 /ˈʌðəwaɪz $ ˈʌðər-/ adverb

1. [sentence adverb] used when saying what bad thing will happen if something is not done:
You’ll have to go now, otherwise you’ll miss your bus.
Put your coat on, otherwise you’ll get cold.

2. [sentence adverb] used when saying what would have happened or might have happened if something else had not happened:
We were delayed at the airport. Otherwise we would have been here by lunch time.
They got two free tickets to Canada, otherwise they’d never have been able to afford to go.

3. say/think/decide etc otherwise to say, think, or decide something different:
The government claims that the economy is improving, but this survey suggests otherwise.
A lot of people think otherwise.

4. except for what has just been mentioned:
He was tired but otherwise in good health.
[sentence adverb]
I could hear the distant noise of traffic. Otherwise all was still.
[+ adjective/adverb]
This spoiled an otherwise excellent piece of work.
Their arrival livened up an otherwise dull afternoon.

5. or otherwise especially British English used to refer to the opposite of what has just been mentioned:
We welcome any comments from viewers, favourable or otherwise.
The truth or otherwise of this diagnosis would be revealed in the future.

6. otherwise engaged formal busy doing something else:
I’m afraid I will be otherwise engaged that day.

7. otherwise known as also called:
Albert DeSalvo, otherwise known as the Boston Strangler

8. formal in a different way:
people who smoke or otherwise abuse their bodies

9. it cannot be otherwise/how can it be otherwise? formal used to say that it is impossible for something to be different from the way it is:
Life in the military is hard – how can it be otherwise?

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BAD: Remember to get there early otherwise you may not get a seat.
GOOD: Remember to get there early. Otherwise you may not get a seat.
GOOD: Remember to get there early or you may not get a seat.

Usage Note:
Unlike or, otherwise is an adverb (NOT a conjunction): 'I'm glad that you told me about the show being cancelled. Otherwise I'd have travelled all the way to Glasgow for nothing.'

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