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outdoor /ˌaʊtˈdɔː◂ $ -ˈdɔːr◂/ adjective

بیرون ، بیرونی ، صحرایی ، در هوای ازاد
Synonyms: open-air, alfresco, out-of-door(s), outside
Antonyms: indoor, inside

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outdoor /ˌaʊtˈdɔː◂ $ -ˈdɔːr◂/ adjective

1. [only before noun] existing, happening, or used outside, not inside a building Antonym : indoor:
a huge outdoor market
outdoor recreational activities
outdoor clothing
a healthy outdoor life

2. outdoor type someone who enjoys camping, walking in the countryside etc

outdoor, outdoors
Outdoor is an adjective and outdoors is an adverb:
They could play outdoors (NOT outdoor) all year round.
an outdoor (NOT outdoors) swimming pool

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BAD: She makes the dog stay outdoor during the summer.
GOOD: She makes the dog stay outdoors during the summer.

Usage Note:
Outdoor (WITHOUT -s ) is an adjective: 'He enjoys the outdoor life.'
Outdoors (WITH -s ) is an adverb: 'He likes to work outdoors.'

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