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outdoors /ˌaʊtˈdɔːz $ -ˈdɔːrz/ adverb

خارج از منزل ، درهوای ازاد ، بیرون
Synonyms: out, out of doors, outside, without, withoutdoors
[noun plural but singular in construction]
Synonyms: open, open air, out-of-doors, outside, without
Antonyms: indoors, inside, withindoors
Related Idioms: God's good (or green) earth

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I. outdoors1 /ˌaʊtˈdɔːz $ -ˈdɔːrz/ adverb
outside, not in a building Synonym : out of doors Antonym : indoors:
It’s warm enough to eat outdoors tonight.
He wants a job that will let him work outdoors.

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II. outdoors2 noun
the (great) outdoors the countryside far away from buildings and cities:
a woman with a taste for adventure in the great outdoors

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BAD: There are lots of outdoors activities in and around Coimbra.
GOOD: There are lots of outdoor activities in and around Coimbra.

Usage Note:
See note at OUTDOOR (outdoor)

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