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outfit /ˈaʊtfɪt/ noun [countable]

تجهیزات حفاری ، ساز وبرگ ، همسفر ، گروه ، بنه سفر ، توشه ، لوازم فنی ، سازو برگ اماده کردن ، تجهیز کردن ، معماری: اسباب
- costume, clothes, ensemble, garb, get-up (informal), kit, suit
- group, company, crew, organization, setup (informal), squad, team, unit

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I. outfit1 /ˈaʊtfɪt/ noun [countable]

1. a set of clothes worn together, especially for a special occasion:
She bought a new outfit for the party.
a cowboy outfit

2. informal a group of people who work together as a team or organization:
My outfit was sent to Italy during the war.
a small advertising outfit in San Diego

3. British English a set of equipment that you need for a particular purpose or job Synonym : kit:
a tyre repair outfit

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II. outfit2 verb (past tense and past participle outfitted, present participle outfitting) [transitive]
to provide someone or something with a set of clothes or equipment, especially ones that are needed for a particular purpose Synonym : kit out
outfit somebody/something with something
a car outfitted with dual controls for driver training
outfit somebody in something
Members outfit themselves in Civil War clothing.

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I. set of clothes worn together
ADJ. complete | new | summer, winter | interview, party, wedding, etc. | clown, cowboy, etc.
PREP. in a/the ~ He looked very smart in his new outfit.

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II. organization/company, etc.
ADJ. large | small | professional | cowboy, dodgy | computer, publishing, etc.

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