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outline /ˈaʊtlaɪn/ noun

نمای کلی ، دوره ، خط عمومی ، خط مقاومت عمومی ، خلاصه کردن ، زمینه ، شکل اجمالی ، طرح کلی ، پیرامون ، رئوس مطالب ، طرح ریزی کردن ، مختصر یا خلاصه چیزی را تهیه کردن ، عمران: نقشه ، معماری: محیط ، علوم نظامی: نقشه خلاصه
- summary, recapitulation, résumé, rundown, synopsis, thumbnail sketch
- shape, configuration, contour, delineation, figure, form, profile, silhouette
- summarize, adumbrate, delineate, draft, plan, rough out, sketch (in), trace
Contrasted words: bulk, hulk, mass
Related Words: configuration, conformation, figure, form, shape, skyline

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I. outline1 /ˈaʊtlaɪn/ noun

1. [uncountable and countable] the main ideas or facts about something, without the details:
a research proposal outline
outline of
an outline of world history
broad/rough/general outline
a broad outline of the committee’s plans
in outline
A debt reduction scheme was agreed in outline (=people agreed on its main points).

2. [uncountable and countable] a line around the edge of something which shows its shape
outline of
The outlines of animals were cut into the rock.
an outline map of Europe
in outline
figures drawn in outline

3. [countable] a plan for a piece of writing in which each new idea or fact is separately written down:
Always write an outline for your essays.

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II. outline2 verb [transitive]

1. to describe something in a general way, giving the main points but not the details:
The new president outlined plans to deal with crime, drugs, and education.

2. [usually passive] to show the edge of something, or draw around its edge, so that its shape is clear:
a map with our property outlined in red
trees outlined against the sky

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I. line that shows the shape/outside edge of sb/sth
ADJ. clear, sharp The sharp outline of the island had become blurred.
blurred, dim, faint, vague | simple
VERB + OUTLINE draw, make, trace The children made an outline of their hands.
make out, see I could just make out the dim outlines of the house in the mist.
OUTLINE + NOUN drawing, map
PREP. around/round the ~ to cut round the outline
in ~ He sketched the street in outline only.
~ of

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II. most important facts/ideas about sth
ADJ. bare, basic, brief, rough a brief outline of Polish history
broad, general | course
VERB + OUTLINE give (sb), provide (sb with), write (sb) Write an outline for your essay.
PREP. in ~ Here's the plan in outline.
~ for, ~ of

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ADV. briefly | clearly | roughly He roughly outlined the plot of the opera.
here | above, earlier, previously using the plan outlined above
VERB + OUTLINE attempt to, seek to, try to
PREP. to the policies outlined to Parliament on May 20th

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a broad/general outline (=the main ideas or parts of something rather than all the details)
The report gives only a broad outline of the company's performance.
a brief outline
Each chapter begins with a brief outline of the topics covered in the chapter.
a basic outline
I remembered the basic outline of the story, but not how it ended.
a rough outline (=one that has no details and that might change)
Thompson gave me a rough outline of what had happened at the previous meeting.
the bare outline (=one with no details at all)
The paragraph gives readers only the bare outline of Milton's life.
give somebody an outline
The leaflet gives you an outline of the Party's main policies.
provide an outline
The first chapter provides an outline of the theory of evolution.
a vague/dim outline (=difficult to see)
I could just make out a vague outline of a barn.
a blurred outline (=unclear)
Through the spaces between the bars he saw the blurred outline of the oil derrick high in the sky.
a clear/sharp outline
Peeling off the tape after the paint has dried leaves a clear outline to the shapes.
draw an outline
First, I draw out the outline of the leaf onto paper, and start adding areas of colour.
trace an outline (=draw the outline of something, usually with your finger or toe)
She traced the outline of his lips with her fingers.
an outline map
an outline map of the island
an outline drawing/sketch
Once I am happy with the outline sketch, I start painting.

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