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outlook /ˈaʊtlʊk/ noun [countable]

چشم انداز ، دور نما ، منظره ، چشم داشت ، نظریه ، روانشناسی: نظرگاه
- attitude, angle, frame of mind, perspective, point of view, slant, standpoint, viewpoint
- prospect, expectations, forecast, future
English Thesaurus: later, following, future, subsequent, succeeding, ...

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outlook /ˈaʊtlʊk/ noun [countable]

1. your general attitude to life and the world
outlook on
He’s got a good outlook on life.
Exercise will improve your looks and your outlook.
positive/optimistic outlook
She still has an optimistic outlook for the future.

2. [usually singular] what is expected to happen in the future
outlook for
The outlook for the weekend is unsettled, with periods of heavy rain.
The outlook for sufferers from this disease is bleak.
economic/financial/political etc outlook
a gloomy economic outlook in Western Europe

3. a view from a particular place:
a very pleasing outlook from the bedroom window

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I. attitude to life
ADJ. optimistic, positive | negative, pessimistic | general | broad Having children gave her a broader outlook on life.
different, differing | mental | moral, philosophical, religious
VERB + OUTLOOK have | give sb | change | broaden Travel broadens your outlook.
PREP. in ~ She is rather cautious in outlook.
of (a) … ~ people of widely differing religious outlooks
~ on Losing his job changed his whole outlook on life.

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II. what will probably happen
ADJ. bright, good | bleak, gloomy, grim The outlook for people on a state pension is grim.
uncertain | business, economic, political | long-term, short-term
VERB + OUTLOOK improve The drug improves the long-term outlook of migraine sufferers.
PREP. ~ for a brighter outlook for the economy

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a positive/optimistic outlook
Despite her health problems, she has a positive outlook.
a negative/pessimistic outlook
This pessimistic outlook on their lives leads to depression.
a wider/broader outlook
Education should give students a wider outlook on life.
a new/fresh outlook (=new and interesting)
I saw Helen last week and she seemed to have a fresh outlook on life.
somebody's mental outlook (=how you feel about the things in your life)
Exercise can help improve your mental outlook.
somebody's religious outlook
The Puritans' religious outlook affected every aspect of their lives.
somebody's moral/ethical outlook (=beliefs about what is right and wrong)
Their ethical and moral outlook concerning terrorism is the complete opposite of mine.
have an outlook
He has quite a conventional outlook.
give somebody an outlook
June's new job gave her a fresh outlook.
change somebody's outlook
None of my arguments could change his outlook or behavior.

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