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outrageous /aʊtˈreɪdʒəs/ adjective

ظالمانه ، عصبانی کننده ، بیداد گرانه
- offensive, atrocious, disgraceful, flagrant, heinous, iniquitous, nefarious, unspeakable, villainous, wicked
- shocking, exorbitant, extravagant, immoderate, preposterous, scandalous, steep (informal), unreasonable
Contrasted words: normal, reasonable, tolerable, acceptable, bearable, endurable, supportable, condonable, excusable, forgivable, pardonable, defensible, justifiable, legitimate, comprehensible, plausible, understandable
Related Words: abominable, awful, beastly, dreadful, ghastly, horrible, horrid, impossible, intolerable, terrible, unreasonable, scandalous, shocking, enormous, flagrant, gross, egregious, nefarious, notorious, villainous

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outrageous /aʊtˈreɪdʒəs/ adjective

1. very shocking and extremely unfair or offensive:
outrageous prices
an outrageous attack on his policies
it is outrageous (that)
It’s outrageous that the poor should pay such high taxes.

2. extremely unusual and slightly amusing or shocking:
an outrageous hairstyle
He says the most outrageous things.
—outrageously adverb

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VERBS be | consider sth, regard sth as, see sth as, think sth She thought it absolutely outrageous that he should be promoted over her.
ADV. absolutely, completely, quite, totally | morally

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