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outside /aʊtˈsaɪd/ adverb, preposition
outside /ˈaʊtsaɪd/ adjective [only before noun]
outside /aʊtˈsaɪd, ˈaʊtsaɪd/ noun

غیر از ، در خارج ، در بیرون ، بیرونی ، غیر معمولی ، به سمت خارج ، منطقه دور از محدوده پرتاب ازاد ، گوش ، لبه خارجی از منحنی پیچ اسکی ، بیرون ، برون ، ظاهر ، محیط ، دست بالا ، برونی ، معماری: رویه ، قانون ـ فقه: حداکثر ، ورزش: قسمت بدن ورزشکار دورازسمت چرخش ، خم کردن بدن به قسمت خارجی منحنی پیچ اسکی
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: بیرون ، محیط

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- external, exterior, extraneous, outer, outward
- an outside chance: unlikely, distant, faint, marginal, remote, slight, slim, small
- surface, exterior, façade, face, front, skin, topside
Antonyms: inside
Related Words: alien, foreign
English Thesaurus: outside, out, outdoors/out of doors, in the open air, al fresco, ...

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I. outside1 S1 W1 /aʊtˈsaɪd/ adverb, preposition

a) not inside a building Synonym : outdoors Antonym : inside:
When we got up, it was still dark outside.
Go and play outside.
b) not inside a building or room but close to it:
Could you wait outside please.
I’ll meet you outside the theatre at two o'clock.
outside of American English:
Several people were standing in the hallway outside of his room.
c) out of a building or room:
We went outside to see what was happening.
I opened the door and looked outside.

a) not in a particular city, country etc:
She often travels outside the UK.
b) close to a place, city etc but not in it:
We camped a few miles outside the town.
Bolton is a mill town just outside Manchester.
outside of American English:
Maritza, 19, lives in Everett, outside of Boston.

3. beyond the limits or range of a situation, activity etc Antonym : withinbeyond:
It’s outside my experience, I’m afraid.
outside of especially American English:
children born outside of marriage

4. if someone is outside a group of people, an organization etc, they do not belong to it:
Few people outside the government realized what was happening.
from outside (something)
The university administrators ignored criticism from outside.
Management consultants were brought in from outside the company.

5. outside of somebody/something especially American English informal apart from a particular person or thing Synonym : except:
Outside of love, the best thing you can give a child is attention.
I’m taking one big trip this summer, but outside of that I’ll be around.

6. if the time that someone takes to do something, especially finish a race, is outside a particular time, it is greater than that time:
He finished in 10 minutes 22.4 seconds, 4 seconds outside the record.

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II. outside2 S2 W2 /ˈaʊtsaɪd/ adjective [only before noun]

1. not inside a building Antonym : inside:
We turned off the outside lights and went to bed.
The house will need a lot of outside repairs before we can sell it.

2. involving people who do not belong to the same group or organization as you:
Outside observers said the election was free and fair.
Consultants were brought in to provide some outside advice.

3. the outside world the rest of the world:
The city is largely cut off from the outside world.
computers linked by modems to the outside world

4. outside interests/experiences etc interests, experiences etc that are not part of your work or studying:
Children should be encouraged to take up outside interests, such as music or sport.

5. an outside chance a very small possibility that something will happen:
Ireland still have an outside chance of winning.

6. outside line/call etc a telephone line or telephone call which is to or from someone who is not inside a particular building or organization:
Dial ‘9’ before the number when making outside calls.

7. an outside figure/estimate etc a number or amount that is the largest something could possibly be

8. the outside lane British English the lane that is nearest the middle of the road Synonym : fast lane Antonym : the inside lane, inside lane

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III. outside3 S3 /aʊtˈsaɪd, ˈaʊtsaɪd/ noun

1. the outside
a) the part or surface of something that is furthest from the centre Antonym : inside
the outside of
The outside of the house was painted white.
b) the area around something such as a building, vehicle etc Antonym : inside
from the outside
From the outside, it looked like any other big warehouse.
c) someone who is on or from the outside is not involved in an activity or does not belong to a particular group, organization etc Antonym : inside
from the outside
Influences from the outside can undermine the values you want to teach your children.
on the outside
To anyone on the outside, our marriage seemed perfect.

2. on the outside
a) used to describe the way someone appears to be or to behave:
Ken was furious, but forced himself to appear calm on the outside.
b) not in prison:
Life on the outside was not as easy as he’d first thought.
c) British English if a car passes another car on the outside, it passes on the driver’s side

3. at the (very) outside used to say that a particular number or amount is the largest something could possibly be, and it might be less Synonym : at the most:
It’s only a 20-minute walk, half an hour at the outside.

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BAD: The new airport makes it easy to go outside the country.
GOOD: The new airport makes it easy to get out of the country.
BAD: I'll be going outside London for a few days.
GOOD: I'll be going out of London for a few days.

Usage Note:
When you mean 'away from', use (get/go) out of (NOT outside ): 'It does you good to get out of the city now and again.' 'Without a false passport, he would never have been able to get out of the country.'

BAD: She was listening outside of the door.
GOOD: She was listening outside the door.

Usage Note:
In British English, outside is not used with of : 'You aren't allowed to park outside the bank.'
In American English, both outside and outside of are used.

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