pack up
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بستن ، (د.گ). دست از کار کشیدن
pack up
- put away, store
- stop, finish, give up, pack in (Brit. informal)
- break down, conk out (informal), fail

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pack up phrasal verb (see also pack)

1. to put things into cases, bags etc ready for a trip somewhere:
Most of the holidaymakers had packed up and gone.
pack something ↔ up
I gave her a hand packing up her clothes and stuff.

2. pack something ↔ up to put something into a box or other container, so that it can be moved, sold, or stored:
Don’t worry. The removal men will pack everything up.

3. informal to finish work at the end of the day:
‘What time do you pack up?’ ‘Oh, about six.’

4. British English informal if a machine packs up, it stops working because there is something wrong with it Synonym : pack in:
The photocopier’s packed up again.

5. pack something ↔ up British English informal to stop doing something, especially a job:
He packed up his teaching job after only three months.

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pack up
pack up (someone)
to prepare someone to leave by gathering all their possessions.
When the teachers heard about a flood warning, they packed up the children and sent them home.

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pack up
v. phr. To pack one's suitcase for traveling; prepare a package.
Without saying a single word, the unhappy husband packed up and left.

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