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pair /peə $ per/ noun (plural pairs or pair) [countable]

جفت شدن ، زوج ، زن و شوهر ، هر چیز دو جزئی ، جفت کردن وشدن ، جور کردن وشدن ، علوم مهندسی: جفت ، روانشناسی: جفت کردن
کامپیوتر: جفت

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- couple, brace, duo, twins
- couple, bracket, join, match (up), team, twin
English Thesaurus: pair, a couple (of something), couple, twins, duo, ...

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I. pair1 S2 W2 /peə $ per/ noun (plural pairs or pair) [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: paire, from Latin paria 'equal things', from par; par]

1. JOINED TOGETHER an object that is made from two similar parts that are joined together
pair of trousers/scissors/glasses etc
two pairs of jeans
a pair of black tights

BELONGING TOGETHER two things of the same type that are used together
pair of
a new pair of sandals
pair of hands/eyes/legs etc
She felt as if every pair of eyes in the room was on her.
earrings, £5 a pair
a pair of skis
We have five pairs of free tickets to give away.

3. in pairs in groups of two:
We worked in pairs for the role-play exercise.
The leaves of the tree are arranged in pairs.

4. TWO PEOPLE two people who are standing or doing something together, or who have some type of connection with each other:
The pair are looking for sponsorship from local businesses.
pair of
a pair of dancers
Do not use pair to talk about a husband and wife (or two people in a similar relationship). Use couple: They’re a nice couple (NOT pair).

5. the pair of you/them British English spoken used when you are angry or annoyed with two people:
Oh, get out, the pair of you.

a) a male and a female animal that come together in order to breed
pair of
a pair of doves
a breeding pair
b) old use two horses that work together

7. I’ve only got one pair of hands spoken used to say that you are busy and cannot do any more than you are already doing

8. an extra pair of hands someone who helps you do something when you are busy:
Having an extra pair of hands during busy periods can take the pressure off.

9. a safe pair of hands someone you can trust and depend on because they are sensible – used especially in news reports:
Colleagues regard him as a safe pair of hands.

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II. pair2 verb

1. [I, T usually passive] to put people or things into groups of two, or to form groups of two
be paired with somebody
We were each paired with a newcomer to help with training.

2. (also pair up) [intransitive] if animals pair, they come together in order to breed
pair off phrasal verb
to come together or bring two people together to have a romantic relationship:
All the others were pairing off and I was left on my own.
pair somebody off with somebody
My aunt was forever pairing me off with unsuitable men.
pair up phrasal verb

1. British English to become friends and start to have a relationship:
We learned later that he and Tanya had paired up.

2. to work together to do something or to put two people together to do something:
They first paired up in the screen adaptation of ‘Grease’.
pair somebody ↔ up
They have paired up writers and artists, and commissioned linked works.

3. if animals pair up, they come together in order to breed

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I. two things the same
ADJ. matching a matching pair of vases
PREP. in a/the ~ Answer one question in each pair.
in ~s These candlesticks only come in pairs.
~ of a pair of shoes
PHRASES one of a pair one of a pair of crystal vases

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II. people who are connected
ADJ. inseparable | good | happy (= a newly married couple) | odd They make an odd pair.
VERB + PAIR match The pair were matched for age.
make I thought they would make a good pair so I arranged for them to meet.
PREP. in a/the ~ The students worked in pairs.

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III. male and female animal
ADJ. breeding
PAIR + VERB breed, mate
PREP. ~ of a pair of swans nesting by the river

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BAD: The old pair next door have been married for 65 years.
GOOD: The old couple next door have been married for 65 years.

Usage Note:
Pair usually refers to things (e.g. 'a pair of scissors/socks') or to two people who are seen (doing something) together: 'It's about time the pair of you did some work.' 'The German pair need just two more points for the match.' Pair also refers to two animals that stay together and produce young: 'a pair of swifts with a family to feed'.
The usual word for a husband and wife (or two people in a similar relationship) is couple : 'Married couples should benefit from the new tax legislation.'

BAD: Have you always worn a pair of glasses?
GOOD: Have you always worn glasses?

Usage Note:
Pair of is usually used for individual reference (NOT general reference): 'I've bought two pairs of shoes for the children.'
Compare: 'They sell shoes and handbags .' (NOT 'pairs of shoes')

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See: take to one's heels also show a clean pair of heels

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