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palace /ˈpæləs, ˈpælɪs/ noun [countable]

کاخ ، کوشک ، معماری: قصر
Synonyms: luxurious, Capuan, deluxe, luxuriant, opulent, palatial, plush, plushy, sumptuous, upholstered

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Palace British English

1. the Palace an informal name for Buckingham Palace, used especially to mean the British queen or king and his/her advisers:
A spokesman for the Palace confirmed that Her Majesty would be visiting South Africa next year.

2. an informal name for Crystal Palace, a London football team:
After last night’s defeat, Palace look likely to take bottom place in the league.

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palace W3 /ˈpæləs, ˈpælɪs/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: palais, from Latin palatium, from Palatium the Palatine Hill in Rome where the ruler's palace was]

1. the official home of a person of very high rank, especially a king or queen – often used in names:
Buckingham Palace

2. the Palace especially British English the people who live in a palace – used in news reports:
The Palace has announced that the Duke and Duchess are to separate.

3. a large beautifully decorated house:
the splendid palaces of Florence

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ADJ. ancient | 14th-century, etc. | imperial, papal, presidential, royal | grand, great, magnificent, sumptuous, whacking great | veritable (figurative) Even this small house was a veritable palace compared to his tent.
VERB + PALACE build | live in
PALACE + VERB stand The palace stands on the west bank of the river.
PALACE + NOUN complex, compound | courtyard, gardens, grounds | gates | affairs | aide, guard, official, spokesman | coup, revolution The king was deposed by his son in a palace coup.
PREP. at a/the ~, in a/the ~
PHRASES the interior of the palace

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