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FORMAL vocabulary

partake /pɑːˈteɪk $ pɑːr-/ verb (past tense partook /-ˈtʊk/, past participle partaken /-ˈteɪkən/) [intransitive]

Irregular Forms: (partaken)(partook)

سهیم شدن ، شرکت کردن ، شریک شدن ، بهره داشتن ، قسمت بردن ، خوردن ، سهیم بودن در ، قانون ـ فقه: شریک شدن در
- partake of: consume, eat, take
- partake in: participate in, engage in, share in, take part in
Related Idioms: take part in
Related Words: accept, receive, take

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partake /pɑːˈteɪk $ pɑːr-/ verb (past tense partook /-ˈtʊk/, past participle partaken /-ˈteɪkən/) [intransitive] formal
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: partaker 'someone who partakes' (15-21 centuries), from part taker]

1. to eat or drink something
partake of
Grandmother likes to partake of a small glass of sherry before lunch.

2. to take part in an activity or event Synonym : participate
partake in
a woman’s fundamental right to partake in club affairs
partake of something phrasal verb formal
to have a certain amount of a particular quality

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