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particularly /pəˈtɪkjələli, pəˈtɪkjʊləli $ pərˈtɪkjələrli/ adverb

مخصوصا" ، جزءبجزء
- especially, exceptionally, notably, singularly, uncommonly, unusually
- specifically, distinctly, especially, explicitly, expressly, in particular

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

particularly S1 W1 /pəˈtɪkjələli, pəˈtɪkjʊləli $ pərˈtɪkjələrli/ adverb

1. more than usual or more than others Synonym : especially:
Steve was in a particularly bad mood when he got back.
The restaurant is particularly popular with young people.
We are hoping to expand our business, particularly in Europe.
British farmers, particularly those producing lamb, are very worried.

2. not particularly
a) not very:
I’m not particularly impressed with their performance.
b) spoken not very much:
‘Do you want to come t