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party /ˈpɑːti $ ˈpɑːrti/ noun (plural parties) [countable]

هیات ، تیم ، گروه ، عده نظامی ، قسمت ، بخش ، دسته همفکر ، حزب ، دسته متشکل ، جمعیت ، بزم ، پارتی ، متخاصم ، طرفدار ، طرف ، یارو ، مهمانی دادن یارفتن ، قانون ـ فقه: حزب ، شریک ، علوم نظامی: گروه مخصوص انجام یک ماموریت
- get-together (informal), celebration, do (informal), festivity, function, gathering, reception, social gathering
- group, band, company, crew, gang, squad, team, unit
- faction, camp, clique, coterie, league, set, side
- person, individual, someone
Related Words: alliance, union, side
English Thesaurus: do, do your work/homework etc, do the shopping/cooking/washing etc, do a test/experiment/some research, do a course, ...

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I. party1 S1 W1 /ˈpɑːti $ ˈpɑːrti/ noun (plural parties) [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: partie 'part, party', from partir 'to divide']

1. FOR FUN a social event when a lot of people meet together to enjoy themselves by eating, drinking, dancing etc:
We’re having a small party this evening to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
throw/give a party
The university threw a party to welcome them.
go/come to a party
Are you going to the party tonight?
at a party
I met John at a party a couple of months ago.
the party spirit (=the way someone feels when they are really enjoying a party)hen party, house party, stag party, party animal

2. IN POLITICS [also + plural verb British English] a political organization with particular beliefs and aims, which you can vote for in elections:
I have always voted for the Labour Party.
He failed to win the party’s nomination for President.
The conference is open to all party line

3. GROUP OF PEOPLE [also + plural verb British English] a group of people who go somewhere together or do a job together
party of
a party of tourists
There were several students in our party.
A search party was sent out to look for the missing climbers.
a rescue party
Admission is free for school parties.working party

4. IN AN ARGUMENT/LAW law or formal one of the people or groups who are involved in a legal argument or agreement:
helping the two parties to reach an agreement
guilty/innocent party
He sees himself as the innocent party in this dispute.third party1

5. be (a) party to something formal to be involved in an activity or decision:
I was not a party to this discussion.

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II. party2 verb (past tense and past participle partied, present participle partying, third person singular parties) [intransitive]
informal to enjoy yourself with a group of other people by drinking alcohol, eating, dancing etc:
Let’s party!

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I. political group
ADJ. political | centre, left-wing, right-wing | centrist, fascist, populist, progressive, radical, reactionary, revolutionary, social democratic, socialist | Communist, Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Liberal, Republican, etc. | opposition | parliamentary members of the parliamentary party (= MPs, not ordinary party members) | main both main political parties
majority, minority They are now the majority party in Parliament.
governing, ruling
VERB + PARTY establish, form, found, set up | dissolve, wind up The party was officially dissolved in 1927.
split a bitter dispute which finally split the party
be/become the leader of, lead | be/become a member of, belong to, join | be affiliated to, have links with He was accused of having strong links with the Communist Party.
leave, resign from She left the party in 2000.
expel sb from | vote for | elect, put in/into power, return to power The Labour Party was returned to power in 2001.
PARTY + VERB come to power, gain power, win (sth) | lose (sth), lose power The Labour party lost the vote on this important issue.
contest sth the parties contesting the elections
PARTY + NOUN conference, congress | activist, member, faithful (= loyal members of the party) | chairman, leader, leadership | line Most MPs will follow the party line (= the official view of the party).
PHRASES the left/right wing of the party

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II. social occasion
ADJ. cocktail, dinner, tea | birthday, Christmas, farewell, house-warming, leaving | garden, office, street | all-night | fancy-dress | surprise
VERB + PARTY give, have, hold, organize, throw On moving in they threw a huge house-warming party.
invite sb to | attend, go to | gatecrash | leave
PARTY + VERB go on There was a party going on next door.
be in full swing (= to be very busy and noisy) By now the party was in full swing.
break up The party broke up around midnight.
PARTY + NOUN guest | pooper (also party-pooper; sb who does not want to join in the fun at a party)
PREP. at a/the ~ I was at a party in London that night.
~ for I'm organizing a surprise party for my sister.

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III. group of people working/doing sth together
ADJ. boarding, coach, landing, raiding, reading, rescue, search, stretcher, working It was time for us to join the coach party.
PREP. ~ of She arrived with a party of helpers.

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IV. person in a legal case
ADJ. guilty, innocent | aggrieved, injured | interested First we must notify all the interested parties.
third You must sign the document in the presence of an independent third party (= another person apart from the two main people involved)
VERB + PARTY notify | be binding on/upon, bind This agreement shall be binding upon both parties.

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have a party
We’re having a party on Saturday night.
hold a party
The party was held at his flat.
throw/give a party (=organize it)
Staff threw a party to celebrate the news.
host a party (=give a large or formal party)
The party was hosted by the Danish ambassador.
go to/come to a party (also attend a party formal)
Are you going to Tom’s party?
About 500 people will attend a party in her honour.
invite somebody to a party
I’ve been invited to Greg’s party next weekend.
gatecrash a party (=go to it even though you have not been invited)
Some older boys tried to gatecrash the party.
a party is in full swing (=people at a party are having a good time talking, dancing etc)
At 3 am, the party was still in full swing.
there is a party going on
Somewhere near the hotel there was a party going on.
a party breaks up (=it ends and people go home)
The party broke up a little after midnight.
a birthday party
They met at her sister’s 18th birthday party.
a Christmas/Halloween etc party
I hope you’re going to the office Christmas party.
a big/small party
I don’t really like going to big parties.
a dinner party (=one where people are invited to someone’s house for an evening meal)
It’s a favorite topic of conversation at fashionable dinner parties these days.
a cocktail party (=a fairly formal party, at which alcoholic drinks are served)
I first met him at a cocktail party at the American embassy.
a fancy dress party British English, a costume party American English (=one where people wear unusual clothes, for example so they look like someone from a story)
She went to the fancy dress party as Snow White.
an office party
I danced with my boss at the office party.
a surprise party
Amy has planned a surprise party for his birthday.
a farewell/leaving party
You didn’t come to Ken’s farewell party, did you?
a street party (=one held outside in a street)
Thousands flocked to the street party on Princess Street to celebrate New Year.
a lavish party (=one where a lot of money has been spent)
He threw lavish parties for his celebrity friends.
the party spirit (=the way people feel when they are really enjoying a party)
There’ll be plenty of free champagne to get the party spirit going.
be in a party mood (=want to enjoy yourself at a party)
Kate wasn’t really in a party mood, so she stayed home.
party games
The children had great fun playing party games.
a party dress
The little girls were wearing white party dresses.
a political party
The Labour Party and the Conservative Party are the two main political parties in Britain.
the Labour/Democratic etc Party
The leadership race within the Republican Party is almost over.
an opposition party (=a party that is not in power)
The tax increase was criticized by opposition parties.
the ruling party (=the party in power)
The ruling party’s level of support grew throughout the year.
a right-wing/left-wing party
Support for the right-wing parties was strongest among young working-class men.
a party member
He’s been a Conservative party member for 20 years.
the party leader
He met with opposition party leaders.
a party candidate (=someone who represents a political party in an election)
The seat was won by the Socialist Party candidate with 68% of the vote.
the party faithful (=strong supporters of a party)
His policies appeal to the party faithful.
a party activist (=someone who works hard for a party)
Campaign literature is distributed by unpaid party activists.
party policy (=a political party’s official plan or position on important subjects)
There has been a change in party policy.
a party conference
He will give a speech at the Tory party conference this morning.
the party chairman British English
He resigned as Conservative party chairman.
a party official
The incident has angered senior party officials.
a party wins/loses an election
Do you think the Labour Party can win the next election?
join a party
Bloomfield joined the Communist Party in 1946.
form/found a party
The two politicians broke away from the PDF to form a new political party.
a party is in power
From 1945 until 1951 the Labour Party was in power in Britain.
a party comes to power (=begins to be the government)
The ruling party came to power in May 2001.

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BAD: On Christmas Day we always make a big party.
GOOD: On Christmas Day we always have a big party.
BAD: Next Saturday we're celebrating a small party at John's house.
GOOD: Next Saturday we're having a small party at John's house.
BAD: The party was being made at a friend's house.
GOOD: The party was being held at a friend's house.

Usage Note:
have/hold/throw a party (NOT make/celebrate ): 'Let's have a party and invite all our friends.'
celebrate Christmas, the New Year, someone's birthday, retirement, promotion, etc: 'Next month we're having a party to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.'
A party is held somewhere (NOT made/celebrated ): 'Where is the garden party being held?' See Language Panel at DO


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