pass away
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pass away
Synonyms: die, expire, kick the bucket (slang), pass on, pass over, shuffle off this mortal coil, snuff it (informal)
English Thesaurus: die, pass away, pass on, lose your life, perish, ...

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pass away phrasal verb (see also pass)
to die – use this when you want to avoid saying the word ‘die’

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pass away
to die.
Both my parents passed away fairly young, and then my brothers and I lived with our uncle.

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pass away
to die
His father passed away when he was 96 years old.

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pass away
1. To slip by; go by; pass.
We had so much fun that the weekend passed away before we realized it.
Forty years had passed away since they had met.
2. To cease to exist; end; disappear; vanish
When automobiles became popular, the use of the horse and buggy passed away.
3. To have your life stop; die.
He passed away at eighty.
Synonym: PASS ON3, PASS OUT3.

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