pass by
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از پهلوی چیزی رد شدن ، نادیده انگاشتن ، ول کردن
pass by
Synonyms: neglect, disregard, fail, forget, ignore, omit, overlook, overpass, pass, pass over

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pass by phrasal verb (see also pass)

1. pass by (somebody/something) to go past a person, place, vehicle etc:
They all waved as they passed by.
Will you be passing by the supermarket on your way home?passerby

2. pass somebody by if something passes you by, it happens but you are not involved in it:
She felt that life was passing her by.

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pass by
{v.} To give no attention to; not notice; ignore,
I can pass over the disorderliness of the troops, but their disobedience is serious.

In choosing men to be given a salary raise, the foreman passed Mr. Hart by.

She was unattractive, the kind of a girl that everybody would pass by.


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