pass out
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ناگهان بیهوش شدن ، مردن ، ضعف کردن
pass out
Synonyms: faint, become unconscious, black out (informal), lose consciousness

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pass out phrasal verb (see also pass)

1. to become unconscious:
I nearly passed out when I saw all the blood.

2. especially British English to finish a course of study at a military school or police college

3. pass something ↔ out to give something, such as books or papers, to everyone in a group Synonym : hand out, distribute

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pass out
to become unconscious.
A few people passed out from the heat.

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pass out
to faint
Three teenage girls passed out at the rock concert.

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pass out
v., informal
1. To lose consciousness; faint.
She went back to work while she was still sick, and finally she just passed out.
Compare: GIVE OUT3.
2. or slang pass out cold To drop into a drunken stupor; become unconscious from drink.
After three drinks, the man passed out.
3. To die.
Life came and went weakly in him for hours after surgery; then he passed out.
Synonym: PASS AWAY3, PASS ON3.

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