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passionate /ˈpæʃənət, ˈpæʃənɪt/ adjective

هوس الود ، اتشی مزاج ، سودایی ، احساساتی ، شهوانی ، روانشناسی: پرحرارت
- loving, amorous, ardent, erotic, hot, lustful
- emotional, ardent, eager, fervent, fierce, heartfelt, impassioned, intense, strong
Antonyms: dispassionate, passionless
Related Words: excited, quickened, stimulated, high-powered, high-pressure, steamed up, headlong, impetuous, precipitate, steamy, sultry

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passionate /ˈpæʃənət, ˈpæʃənɪt/ adjective

1. showing or involving very strong feelings of sexual love:
He had a brief but passionate love affair with an older woman.
a very passionate young man
a passionate lover
a passionate kiss

2. someone who has a passionate belief believes something very strongly:
a passionate supporter of women’s rights
He had a passionate belief in justice.

3. if you are passionate about something, you like it a lot:
She developed a passionate interest in wild flowers.
passionate about
I’ve always been passionate about football.
—passionately adverb:
He kissed her passionately.
Peter is passionately involved in environmental issues.

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a passionate belief/conviction
We had a passionate belief in what we were doing.
a passionate commitment to something
There was no doubt about his passionate commitment to peace.
a passionate concern for something
She developed a passionate concern for human rights.
a passionate supporter of somebody/something
President Johnson was a passionate supporter of the space programme.
a passionate defender of something
The actress is a vocal and passionate defender of women's rights.
a passionate speech
Senator McCarthy delivered a powerful and passionate speech.
a passionate plea
She made a passionate plea for tolerance.

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