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passport /ˈpɑːspɔːt $ ˈpæspɔːrt/ noun [countable]

پاسپورت ، جواز سفر ، گذرنامه ، تذکره ، وسیله دخول ، کلید ، قانون ـ فقه: گذرنامه ، اجازه مسافرت ، بازرگانی: پاسپورت
Synonyms: key, open sesame, password, ticket

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passport /ˈpɑːspɔːt $ ˈpæspɔːrt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: passeport, from passer (pass1) + port (, port)]

1. a small official document that you get from your government, that proves who you are, and which you need in order to leave your country and enter other countries:
I have an Irish passport.
They need to check that your passport is in order.

2. passport to success/health/romance etc something that makes it easy for you to achieve success, good health etc:
She saw a good diet as a passport to good health.
Don’t assume that winning a talent contest is a passport to success.

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ADJ. valid | false, forged | EU, Mexican, French, etc. | visitor's
VERB + PASSPORT apply for | renew | get, obtain | be in possession of, carry, have, hold, travel on The police think the smugglers are travelling on Irish passports.
give sb, issue sb (with) | hand sb, produce, show (sb) You have to show your passport at the border.
surrender The Embassy made him surrender his passport.
ask for | check | stamp | hand back/over He examined my face carefully before handing back my passport.
confiscate, seize
PASSPORT + VERB be valid | expire
PASSPORT + NOUN number, photo, photograph | holder | Agency, Office | control We had to queue for ages at passport control.
PREP. ~ into (figurative) The gold medal is his passport into professional boxing.
~ to (figurative) Good qualifications are a passport to success.
PHRASES a full British/French, etc. passport (= one showing that sb has all the rights of British/French, etc. citizenship)

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have/hold a passport
I have a Canadian passport.
apply for a passport
You can apply for an Italian passport if your parents are Italian.
get a passport (also obtain a passport formal)
It took quite a long time to get a new passport.
renew a passport
I'd forgotten to renew my passport.
travel on a passport
The men were convicted of travelling on a false passport.
a British/American etc passport
She was born in India but has a British passport.
a valid passport (=one that is officially acceptable)
For travel abroad, you must have a valid passport.
a false/forged passport (also a fake passport informal)
He used a false passport to enter Kenya.
a passport photograph/photo
a passport holder (=someone who has a passport)
British passport holders must obtain a visa before entering the country.
a passport application
the processing of passport applications

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