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pause /pɔːz $ pɒːz/ verb
pause noun [countable]

توقف ، وقفه ، درنگ ، مکث کردن ، کامپیوتر: فرمانPAUSE ، روانشناسی: مکث
الکترونیک: فرمان ، PAUSE کامپیوتر: مکث ، روانشناسی: مکث ، توقف ، وقفه ، درنگ ، مکث کردن کامپیوتر: توقف

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- stop briefly, break, cease, delay, halt, have a breather (informal), interrupt, rest, take a break, wait
- stop, break, breather (informal), cessation, gap, halt, interlude, intermission, interval, lull, respite, rest, stoppage
Contrasted words: continuation, progression
Related Words: caesura, hush, lapse, letup, suspension, interlude, intermission, recess, respite, wait, break, gap, interruption, cessation, deval
English Thesaurus: pause, hesitate, have/take a break, adjourn, take five, ...

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I. pause1 W3 /pɔːz $ pɒːz/ verb

1. [intransitive] to stop speaking or doing something for a short time before starting again
pause for
She paused for a moment.
He paused for breath, then continued up the hill.
‘No,’ he replied, without pausing for thought.
pause to do something
Joe paused to consider his answer.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to push a button on a tape player, CD player, computer etc in order to make a tape, CD etc stop playing for a short time

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II. pause2 noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: pausa, from Greek pausis, from pauein 'to stop']

1. a short time during which someone stops speaking or doing something before starting again:
There was a pause while Alice changed the tape.
After a long pause, she went on.
pause in
an awkward pause in the conversation

2. (also pause button) a control which allows you to stop a CD player, video recorder etc for a short time and start it again

3. a mark over a musical note, showing that the note is to be played or sung longer than usual

4. give somebody pause (for thought) to make someone stop and consider carefully what they are doing:
an avoidable accident that should give us all pause for thought

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ADJ. brief, momentary, short, slight, small | long, prolonged | frequent | awkward | pregnant
VERB + PAUSE take Shall we take a pause here?
PAUSE + VERB follow In the pause that followed, I noticed that he was shaking.
PAUSE + NOUN button (on a video recorder, etc.)
PREP. after a/the ~ ‘I don't know,’ he said after a long pause.
in a/the ~ Everyone nodded in agreement in the pauses.
with a/ the ~ He read very slowly and with frequent pauses.
without a/the ~ She read the whole text without a pause.
~ before There was a long pause before he spoke again.
~ between in the pauses between his jokes
~ for a pause for breath
~ in during a pause in the conversation

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ADV. briefly, (for) a moment, (for) an instant, momentarily She paused a moment and then walked away.
barely, hardly He spoke for two hours and barely paused for breath.
deliberately She paused deliberately, her eyes holding his.
dramatically, impressively, meaningfully, significantly | reflectively, thoughtfully | irresolutely
PHRASES pause for breath/thought, pause only (long enough) to do sth Pausing only to put out her cigarette, she left the room.
pause to consider/look/reflect/think Just pause to think before giving me your answer.
without pausing Without pausing to knock, she opened the door.

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At the doorway she paused briefly.
momentarily (=for a very short time)
He paused momentarily, then knocked twice more.
'They have offered us a lot of money.' She paused dramatically.
pause (for) a moment
He paused for a moment, seemingly overcome by emotion.
pause for breath
She had to pause for breath after every two or three steps.
pause for thought
'Of course,' she replied, without pausing for thought.
pause for effect (=in order to make people eager to hear what you are going to say)
'Now I know what to do,' Brown said, pausing for effect.
pause only to do something
He paused only to make a few notes, and left.

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See: give pause

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