pay up
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تمام وکمال پرداختن ، حساب های معوقه را تسویه کردن
pay up
Synonyms: clear, clear off, discharge, liquidate, pay, quit, satisfy, settle, square

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pay up phrasal verb (see also pay)
to pay money that you owe, especially when you do not want to or you are late:
She refused to pay up.paid-up

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pay up
to give the total amount that is owed or asked for.
Some ballplayers charge fans $50 for autographs, and the fans pay up.

He would surely have paid up if she had asked him for the money.

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pay up
to pay now; to pay someone immediately
I had to pay up my parking tickets or I would lose my driving license.

My friend told me to pay up because he needed the money.

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pay up
v. To pay in full; pay the amount of; pay what is owed.
The monthly installments on the car were paid up.
He pays his dues up promptly.
He gets behind when he is out of work but always pays up when he is working again.

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