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pearl /pɜːl $ pɜːrl/ noun

در ، لولو ، اب مروارید ، مردمک چشم ، بامروارید اراستن ، صدف وارکردن ، مرواریدی ، ورزش: شیرجه با دماغه تخته موج به گودی موج
pearl /pɜːl $ pɜːrl/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: perle, from Vulgar Latin pernula, from Latin perna 'mussel']

1. JEWEL [countable] a small round white object that forms inside an oyster, and is a valuable jewel:
a pearl necklace
a string of pearls (=a necklace made of pearls)

2. HARD SUBSTANCE [uncountable] a hard shiny substance of various colours formed inside some shellfish, which is used for making buttons or to make objects look attractive Synonym : mother-of-pearl

3. pearls of wisdom wise remarks – used especially when you really think that someone’s remarks are slightly stupid:
Thank you for those pearls of wisdom, Emma.

4. cast/throw pearls before swine formal to give something valuable to someone who does not understand its value

5. LIQUID [countable] literary a small round drop of liquid:
the pearls of the morning dew

6. EXCELLENT THING/PERSON [countable usually singular] old-fashioned someone or something that is especially good or valuable
pearl among
She’s a pearl among women.

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See: cast pearls before swine or cast one's pearls before swine

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