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peculiar /pɪˈkjuːliə $ -ər/ adjective

عجیب وغریب، دارای اخلاق غریب، ویژه
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- odd, abnormal, bizarre, curious, eccentric, extraordinary, freakish, funny, offbeat, outlandish, outré, quaint, queer, singular, strange, uncommon, unconventional, unusual, weird
- specific, characteristic, distinctive, particular, special, unique
Contrasted words: normal
Related Words: unique, uncustomary
English Thesaurus: strange, funny/odd, curious, mysterious, eccentric, ...

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peculiar /pɪˈkjuːliə $ -ər/ adjective
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: peculiaris 'of private property, special', from peculium 'private property', from pecu 'cattle']

1. strange, unfamiliar, or a little surprising:
There was a peculiar smell in the kitchen.
Something peculiar is going on.
It seems very peculiar that no one noticed Kay had gone.

2. be peculiar to somebody/something if something is peculiar to a particular person, place, or situation, it is a feature that only belongs to that person or only exists in that place or situation:
The problem of racism is not peculiar to this country.

3. behaving in a strange and slightly crazy way:
He’s been a little peculiar lately.
She’s a very peculiar child.

4. feel peculiar/come over all peculiar British English informal to feel slightly ill

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I. odd/strange
VERBS be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, taste | become | find sb/sth, regard sb/sth as, think sb/sth I find her attitude a bit peculiar, to say the least.
ADV. most, very He is a most peculiar man!
a bit, a little, quite, rather The meat tasted rather peculiar.

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II. only belonging to a particular person/place
VERBS be | become | remain
ADV. by no means These problems are by no means peculiar to this country.
PREP. to the smell that is peculiar to hospitals

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BAD: She said she liked the jumper because the colour was very peculiar.
GOOD: She said she liked the jumper because the colour was very unusual.

Usage Note:
peculiar = strange, especially in a surprising or unpleasant way: 'I'm not sure about this cheese. The taste is a bit peculiar.' 'Just because I don't like computers, everyone thinks I'm a bit peculiar.'
unusual = uncommon or rare: 'Where did you buy this cheese? The taste is very unusual.' 'At one time it was unusual for women to enter politics.'

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