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perfect /ˈpɜːfɪkt $ ˈpɜːr-/ adjective
perfect /pəˈfekt $ pər-/ verb [transitive]
perfect /ˈpɜːfɪkt $ ˈpɜːr-/ noun

کامل ، درست ، بی عیب ، تمام عیار ، کاملا رسیده ، تکمیل کردن ، عالی ساختن ، معماری: درست ، قانون ـ فقه: تکمیل کردن
- complete, absolute, consummate, entire, finished, full, sheer, unmitigated, utter, whole
- faultless, flawless, immaculate, impeccable, pure, spotless, unblemished
- excellent, ideal, splendid, sublime, superb, superlative, supreme
- exact, accurate, correct, faithful, precise, true, unerring
- improve, develop, polish, refine
- accomplish, achieve, carry out, complete, finish, fulfil, perform
Antonyms: imperfect
Contrasted words: defective, faulty, flawed, deficient, inadequate, wanting, unfinished, unpolished, unsound, foolish, inappropriate, undesirable, unsuitable
Related Idioms: being just the thing
Related Words: excellent, consummate, expert, finished, masterful, masterly, needed, required, requisite, appropriate, fit, proper, right, suitable, exact, express, precise
English Thesaurus: perfect, ideal, just right, be just the thing/person, a high ideal, ...

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I. perfect1 S2 W2 /ˈpɜːfɪkt $ ˈpɜːr-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: perfectionimperfection, perfectionist, perfectionism, perfectibility; adjective: perfectimperfect, perfectible, perfectionist; verb: perfect; adverb: perfectlyimperfectly]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: parfit, from Latin perfectus, past participle of perficere 'to do completely, finish']

1. not having any mistakes, faults, or damage Antonym : imperfect:
His English was perfect.
The car was in perfect condition.
You’re very lucky to have perfect teeth.
a perfect performance
In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need an army.

2. as good as possible, or the best of its kind:
The weather was perfect the whole week.
a perfect example of Gothic architecture
The clothes were a perfect fit.
a perfect solution to the problem
Ronnie was in perfect health.
perfect timing (=used when something happens at exactly the right time)
Good, you’re home. Perfect timing – dinner’s on the table.

3. exactly what is needed for a particular purpose, situation, or person Synonym : ideal:
That’s perfect! Just the way I wanted it to look.
Crusty bread is the perfect accompaniment to this soup.
perfect for
The land is perfect for sheep farming.
perfect way/place/time etc to do something
She thought she’d found the perfect place to live.
perfect day/place/person etc for something
a perfect day for a picnic
the perfect actor for the part

4. nobody’s perfect spoken said when you are answering someone who has criticized you or someone else:
So I made a mistake! Nobody’s perfect.

5. have a perfect right to do something used to emphasize that it is reasonable for someone to do something:
He has a perfect right to know what’s happening.

6. perfect stranger/fool/angel etc used to emphasize that someone has a particular quality completely Synonym : complete, total:
I felt a perfect idiot.
perfectly, ⇒ practice makes perfect at practice(9), ⇒ present perfect, past perfect

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II. perfect2 /pəˈfekt $ pər-/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: perfectionimperfection, perfectionist, perfectionism, perfectibility; adjective: perfectimperfect, perfectible, perfectionist; verb: perfect; adverb: perfectlyimperfectly]
to make something as good as you are able to:
Mock trials help students perfect their legal skills.

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III. perfect3 /ˈpɜːfɪkt $ ˈpɜːr-/ noun
the perfect technical the form of a verb which is used when talking about a period of time up to and including the present. In English, it is formed with ‘have’ and the past participle. Synonym : present perfect
past perfect

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VERBS be, look, seem | make sth Hove's position makes it perfect for touring.
ADV. absolutely, quite | far from, less than The treaty is far from perfect, but it is clearly the way forward.
almost, near, practically, virtually | impossibly the impossibly perfect shine on the vinyl-tiled floors
seemingly a seemingly perfect alibi
physically | mathematically
PREP. for The day seemed perfect for a picnic.

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absolutely perfect
His sight is absolutely perfect.
quite perfect written (=absolutely perfect)
The old bottle was very dark blue and quite perfect.
almost/nearly/near perfect
His collection included an almost perfect skeleton of an armadillo.
Her performance was near perfect.
less than perfect (=not perfect)
So many excellent writers, for example Byron and Keats, were less than perfect spellers.
far from perfect (=not at all perfect)
The weather conditions were far from perfect.
technically perfect
The system was technically perfect.

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BAD: I am pleased to say that the tape recorder now works perfect.
GOOD: I am pleased to say that the tape recorder now works perfectly.

Usage Note:
Perfect is an adjective: 'My grandmother enjoys perfect health.'
Perfectly is an adverb: 'The baby is perfectly healthy.'

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