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perhaps /pəˈhæps, præps $ pər-, præps/ adverb

گویا ، شاید ، ممکن است ، توان بود ، اتفاقا
Synonyms: maybe, conceivably, feasibly, it may be, perchance (archaic), possibly
Contrasted words: certainly, definitely, doubtlessly, surely, undoubtedly, unquestionably
Related Idioms: as it may be, as the case may be, for all one knows
Related Words: conceivably, feasibly, imaginably

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perhaps S1 W1 /pəˈhæps, præps $ pər-, præps/ adverb
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: per + haps, plural of hap 'chance' (13-20 centuries) (happy)]

1. used to say that something may be true, but you are not sure Synonym : maybe:
Perhaps she’s next door.
Perhaps it will snow tomorrow.
It won’t take so long next time, perhaps.
‘I don’t think you understand.’ ‘Well, perhaps not.’

In everyday English, people usually use may or might rather than use perhaps it/she/they etc will:
It might snow tomorrow.

2. used to give your opinion, when you do not want to be too definite Synonym : maybe:
This is perhaps her finest novel yet.
The industrial revolution was, perhaps, the most important event in history.

3. used to say that a number is only a guess Synonym : maybe:
The room was large, perhaps 20 feet square.
Perhaps 200 people were there.

4. spoken used to politely ask or suggest something, or say what you are going to do Synonym : maybe:
I thought perhaps we’d have lunch in the garden.

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DUBIOUS: Perhaps I will even decide to get married after all.
GOOD: I may even decide to get married after all.
DUBIOUS: Perhaps it will be a good chance for you to have a rest.
GOOD: It may be a good chance for you to have a rest.

Usage Note:
May/might usually sounds more natural than perhaps ... will : 'My mother may need to have an operation.' 'You might feel that the course is too difficult.'

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