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perverted /pəˈvɜːtəd, pəˈvɜːtɪd $ pərˈvɜːr-/ adjective

pervert: منحرف کردن ، از راه راست بدرکردن ، گمراه شدن ، مرتد ، بدراه ، منحرف ، منحرف
Synonyms: unnatural, abnormal, corrupt, debased, debauched, depraved, deviant, kinky (slang), pervy (slang), sick, twisted, unhealthy, warped
Related Words: defiled, polluted, tainted, contorted, distorted, warped, abused, misused, outraged

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perverted /pəˈvɜːtəd, pəˈvɜːtɪd $ pərˈvɜːr-/ adjective

1. morally wrong:
He derives a perverted pleasure from hurting other people.
the perverted logic of terrorism

2. sexually unacceptable or unnatural

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