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piano /piˈænəʊ $ -noʊ/ noun (plural pianos) [countable]

(مو). پیانو ، ارام بنوازید ، قطعه موسیقی اهسته وارام
I. piano1 S3 /piˈænəʊ $ -noʊ/ noun (plural pianos) [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: Italian; Origin: pianoforte, from piano e forte 'quiet and loud']
a large musical instrument that has a long row of black and white keys. You play the piano by sitting in front of it and pressing the keys:
Jean accompanied her on the piano.
a piano lesson/teacher etc
a wonderful piano player

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II. piano2 adjective, adverb technical
played or sung quietly Antonym : forte

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ADJ. baby grand, grand, upright | digital, electric, electronic | tinny
VERB + PIANO tune | build, make
PIANO + NOUN key, lid, wire | stool | tuner | bar There is a piano bar for evening entertainment.
PREP. at the ~ sitting at the piano
on the ~ playing classical music on the piano
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play the piano
Can you play the piano?
play something on the piano
We all sang while Mum played something on the piano.
learn the piano
He wanted his children to learn the piano.
practise the piano British English, practice the piano American English
I would practise the piano for three or four hours a day.
sit (down) at the piano
She sat down at the piano and began to play.
accompany somebody on the piano (=play the piano while someone sings or plays a different instrument)
Lisa sang while George accompanied her on the piano.
piano music
You can listen to live piano music while you dine.
a piano player
a piano teacher
a piano lesson
I started having piano lessons.
piano practice
Have you done your piano practice?

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See PLAY (play)

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