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Pine, Courtney /ˈkɔːtni $ ˈkɔːr-/
pine /paɪn/ noun

غم و اندوه ، از غم و حسرت نحیف شدن ، نگرانی ، رنج و عذاب دادن ، غصه خوردن ، (گ.ش). کاج ، چوب کاج ، صنوبر
- often with for: long, ache, crave, desire, eat one's heart out over, hanker, hunger for, thirst for, wish for, yearn for
- waste, decline, fade, languish, sicken
Related Words: brood, fret, mope, grieve, mourn, agonize

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Pine, Courtney /ˈkɔːtni $ ˈkɔːr-/
(1964–) a British jazz musician and composer who plays the saxophone. His records include Underground (1997) and Back in the Day (2000).

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I. pine1 /paɪn/ noun
[Date: 1000-1100; Language: Latin; Origin: pinus]

1. [uncountable and countable] (also pine tree) a tall tree with long hard sharp leaves that do not fall off in winter:
an ancient pine forest

2. [uncountable] the pale wood of pine trees, used to make furniture, floors etc:
a pine table

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II. pine2 verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: pinian, from pin 'punishment', from Latin poena; pain1]
to become sad and not continue your life as normal because someone has died or gone away:
Six months after he left, she was still pining.
pine away phrasal verb
to become less active, weaker, and often ill, especially because you miss someone who has died or gone away
pine for somebody/something phrasal verb

1. if you pine for a place or for something, you miss it a lot and wish you could be there or have it again:
After two months in France I was pining for home.

2. if you pine for someone, you feel very unhappy because they are not with you:
Karen had been pining for her friends back home in Colorado.

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