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pinpoint /ˈpɪnpɔɪnt/ verb [transitive]

چیز کوچک ، با دقت اشاره کردن به
Synonyms: identify, define, distinguish, locate

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I. pinpoint1 /ˈpɪnpɔɪnt/ verb [transitive]

1. to discover or explain exactly the real facts about something or the cause of a problem:
It’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of the accident.
pinpoint what/how/why etc
They need to pinpoint exactly what skills are necessary.

2. to find or show the exact position of something:
Rescue teams have now pinpointed the location of the ship.

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II. pinpoint2 noun [countable]

1. a very small area or dot of something
pinpoint of
tiny pinpoints of light

2. with pinpoint accuracy very exactly:
The missiles can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.

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ADV. exactly, precisely
VERB + PINPOINT can/could With this you can pinpoint the precise location of the sound.
be difficult to
PREP. as Stress at work was pinpointed as the cause of his illness.

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