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pint /paɪnt/ noun [countable]

واحد حجم معادل یک هشتم گالن یا ، پینت (واحد حجم) ، پیمانه وزن مایع معادل نیم کوارت ، معماری: پیمانه ای که 8 تای ان یک گالن است ، علوم هوایی: نیم کوارت
pint S2 /paɪnt/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: pinte, from Medieval Latin pincta, from Latin, past participle of pingere 'to paint'; probably because a mark was painted on a bottle to show how much it contained]

1. (written abbreviation pt) a unit for measuring an amount of liquid, especially beer or milk. In Britain a pint is equal to 0.568 litres, and in the US it is equal to 0.473 litres
pint of
Add two pints of water to the mixture.
half a pint of milk
a pint glass (=a glass which will hold a pint of liquid)

2. British English a pint of beer, especially one that you drink in a bar ⇒ half:
He’s gone down the pub for a quick pint.

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I. measure of liquid
 ⇒ Note at MEASURE

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II. pint of beer
VERB + PINT consume, drink, have | sip | down, drain, finish, knock back, sink He could sink a pint faster than anyone else I knew.
draw (sb), draw off, pull (sb) I got the barman to pull me another pint.
buy (sb), order, stand sb He stood me a pint in the pub after work.
PINT + NOUN glass

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