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piquant /ˈpiːkənt/ adjective

تندوبامزه ، گوشه دار ، گزنده ، هشیارکننده
- spicy, biting, pungent, savoury, sharp, tangy, tart, zesty
- interesting, lively, provocative, scintillating, sparkling, stimulating
Antonyms: banal
Contrasted words: inane, jejune
Related Words: high-flavored, well-flavored, appetizing, sparkling
English Thesaurus: delicious, disgusting/revolting, sweet, tasty, sour/tart, ...

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piquant /ˈpiːkənt/ adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: present participle of piquer; pique2]

1. having a pleasantly spicy taste:
a piquant wild mushroom sauce

2. interesting and exciting
—piquantly adverb
—piquancy noun [uncountable]:
The production retains its original piquancy.

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