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pirouette /ˌpɪruˈet/ noun [countable]

چرخش کامل بدن روی یک پا ، پارالل ، (در رقص) چرخ سریع ، چرخ روی پاشنه ، چرخ زدن ، ورزش: بارفیکس
Synonyms: spin, gyrate, gyre, pirl, purl, twirl, whirl, whirligig

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pirouette /ˌpɪruˈet/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: type of toy that spins around]
a dance movement in which the dancer turns very quickly, standing on one toe or the front part of one foot
—pirouette verb [intransitive]

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