pitch in
تلفظ آنلاین

با سعی و جدیت شروع بکار کردن ، شروع به خوردن غذا کردن
pitch in
Synonyms: help, chip in (informal), contribute, cooperate, do one's bit, join in, lend a hand, participate
Contrasted words: dally, dawdle, procrastinate, stall, vacillate
Related Idioms: fall to it, fall to work, get busy (or cracking), get down to it, get going, get (or have) with it, go to it, hop (or jump) to it
Related Words: attack, tackle, launch, tee off, begin, commence, start (off or out or up)

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pitch in phrasal verb informal (see also pitch)

1. to join others and help with an activity:
If we all pitch in, we’ll have it finished in no time.
pitch in with
Everyone pitched in with efforts to entertain the children.

2. to join others and pay part of the money towards something:
They all pitched in and the money was collected within a few days.

3. British English to start to eat hungrily:
Pitch in – there’s plenty.

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pitch in
to help with others to get something done.
As soon as we knew what a big job it was, Gwen and I just pitched in with the rest of the group.

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pitch in
to give help or money for something
My friends pitched in and helped me finish the job quickly.

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pitch in
v., informal
1. To begin something with much energy; start work eagerly.
Pitch in and we will finish the job as soon as possible.
2. To give help or money for something; contribute.
Everyone must pitch in and work together.
We all pitched in a quarter to buy Nancy a present.
Synonym: CHIP IN.
Compare: FALL TO.

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