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pity /ˈpɪti/ noun
pity verb (past tense and past participle pitied, present participle pitying, third person singular pities) [transitive not usually in progressive]

دریغ ، افسوس ، بخشش ، همدردی ، حس ترحم ، ترحم کردن ، دلسوزی کردن ، متاثر شدن ، روانشناسی: ترحم
- compassion, charity, clemency, fellow feeling, forbearance, kindness, mercy, sympathy
- shame, bummer (slang), crying shame, misfortune, sin
- feel sorry for, bleed for, feel for, grieve for, have compassion for, sympathize with, weep for
Contrasted words: contempt, disdain, disgust, scorn
Related Words: dejection, distress, melancholy, sadness, sorrow, charity, clemency, lenity, mercy
English Thesaurus: sympathize, feel sorry for somebody, understand, pit

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I. pity1 S3 /ˈpɪti/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: pité, from Latin pietas 'piety, pity', from pius; pious]

1. a pity spoken used to show that you are disappointed about something and you wish things could happen differently Synonym : shame
(it’s a) pity (that)
It’s a pity that he didn’t accept the job.
It’s a great pity Joyce wasn’t invited.
I like Charlie. Pity he had to marry that awful woman.
A pity we can’t find the guy who did it.
what/that’s a pity
‘Are you married?’ ‘No.’ ‘What a pity.’
it’s a pity to do something
It would be a pity to give up now – you’ve nearly finished.

2. [uncountable] sympathy for a person or animal who is suffering or unhappy ⇒ piteous, pitiable, pitiful, pitiless
pity for
He looked exhausted, but Marie felt no pity for him.
I listened to Jason’s story with pity.
I hated the thought of being an object of pity (=someone who other people feel sorry for).
take/have pity on somebody (=feel sorry for someone and treat them with sympathy)
He sounded so upset that Leah started to take pity on him.

3. for pity’s sake British English spoken used to show that you are very annoyed and impatient:
For pity’s sake just shut up and let me drive!

4. more’s the pity especially British English spoken used after describing a situation, to show that you wish it was not true:
Sue’s not coming, more’s the pity.

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II. pity2 verb (past tense and past participle pitied, present participle pitying, third person singular pities) [transitive not usually in progressive]
to feel sorry for someone because they are in a very bad situation:
I pity anyone who has to feed a family on such a low income.
Sam pitied his grandmother there alone, never going out.
Pity the poor teachers who have to deal with these kids.

In everyday English, people usually say that they feel sorry for someone rather than pity them:
I feel sorry for his wife.

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I. feeling of sadness for sb/sth
ADJ. immense
VERB + PITY be filled with, be full of, feel, have | show | arouse, inspire an unfortunate man who inspires pity
PREP. out of ~ I threw the child some money out of pity.
without ~ a cruel leader without pity
~ for She was full of pity for him.
PHRASES a feeling/sense of pity, have pity on sb We begged him to have pity on us.
an object of pity Deaf people do not want to be seen as objects of pity.
take pity on sb I took pity on him and allowed him to stay.

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II. a pity: sth that makes you feel disappointed
ADJ. great, real, terrible | slight
PREP. ~ about The place was lovely, but it was a pity about the weather.
PHRASES a bit of a pity, rather/such a pity That would be rather a pity, wouldn't it?
what a pity What a pity you didn't tell me earlier!

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feel pity (for somebody)
No one can look at these photographs and not feel pity.
take/have pity (on somebody) (=feel sorry for someone and treat them with sympathy)
He was expecting a prison sentence but the judge took pity on him.
be filled with pity/full of pity
His heart was filled with pity for them.
a feeling/sense of pity
Annie experienced a sudden feeling of pity for the young man.
a wave/surge of pity
The woman looked so dejected that a wave of pity washed over me.
a twinge/stab of pity (=a small feeling of pity)
Charles even felt a twinge of pity for Mrs Sweet.
an object of pity (=someone who people feel sorry for)
He was a proud man and he didn't want to be treated as an object of pity.

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BAD: When I saw these pity children, my eyes filled with tears.
GOOD: When I saw these pitiful children, my eyes filled with tears.

Usage Note:
pity (noun) = a feeling that you have when you feel sad and sorry for someone because of their situation: 'They don't want out pity. They need our help.'
pitiful (adjective) = causing people to feel sad and sorry: 'The horses were in a pitiful condition, thin and covered with sores.'

BAD: She expected me to feel pity on her and help her.
GOOD: She expected me to take pity on her and help her.
GOOD: She expected me to feel pity for her and help her.

Usage Note:
take pity on : 'Eventually a kind motorist took pity on us and offered us a lift.'
feel pity for : 'Being a widow, she expects you to feel pity for her.'

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See: take pity on or take pity upon

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