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playa /ˈpleɪjʌ/ (also player) noun [countable]
player /ˈpleɪə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

نوازنده ، هنرپیشه ، بازیکن ورزشی ، ورزش: بازیگر
کامپیوتر: اجرا کننده

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- sportsman or sportswoman, competitor, contestant, participant
- musician, artist, instrumentalist, performer, virtuoso
- performer, actor or actress, entertainer, Thespian, trouper

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I. playa /ˈpleɪjʌ/ (also player) noun [countable] spoken informal
a man who is good at meeting women and persuading them to have sex with him

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II. player S2 W1 /ˈpleɪə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: play, interplay, replay, player, playfulness; verb: play, outplay, replay; adjective: playful, playable; adverb: playfully]

1. someone who takes part in a game or sport:
a basketball player

2. one of the important people, companies, countries etc that is involved in and influences a situation, especially one involving competition
a major/dominant/key etc player
a firm that is a dominant player on Wall Street
player in/on
a key player in world affairs

3. a CD/record/video etc player a machine that is used to play CDs, videos etc

4. someone who plays a musical instrument:
a guitar player

5. a man who has sexual relationships with many different women

6. old-fashioned an actor
key mover/player at key2

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I. of a game
ADJ. accomplished, brilliant, dangerous, excellent, exciting, fine, gifted, good, great, outstanding, strong, talented, top, world-class one of the country's top tennis players
star The club were forced to sell their star player.
poor He's a poor player, but he tries very hard.
average These boots are for the professional rather than for the average player.
experienced | aggressive | attacking, midfield (both in football) | handicap, scratch (both in golf) | basketball, bridge, chess, rugby, snooker, tennis, etc.

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II. of a musical instrument
ADJ. accomplished, gifted, great, outstanding, talented | bass, horn, keyboard, sax, etc.

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III. in business
ADJ. key, leading, major
PREP. ~ in Their firm is a major player in the London property market.

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