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plenty /ˈplenti/ pronoun

فراوانی ، بسیاری ، کفایت ، بمقدار فراوان
- lots (informal), abundance, enough, great deal, heap(s) (informal), masses, pile(s) (informal), plethora, quantity, stack(s)
- abundance, affluence, copiousness, fertility, fruitfulness, plenitude, profusion, prosperity, wealth
Related Words: abundance, cornucopia
English Thesaurus: enough, sufficient, adequate, ample, plenty, ...

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I. plenty1 S1 W1 /ˈplenti/ pronoun
a large quantity that is enough or more than enough
plenty of
Make sure she gets plenty of fresh air.
No need to hurry – you’ve got plenty of time.
There’s plenty to do and see in New York.
There are plenty more chairs in the next room.
Plenty of can be used before an uncountable noun or a plural noun. Do not say 'a plenty of':
There is plenty of evidence of poverty (NOT a plenty of evidence).
You will have plenty of opportunities to improve your skills.
Do not say 'there is plenty of things/places etc'. Say there are plenty of things/places etc:
There are plenty of restaurants nearby.
Do not say that a place or thing 'is plenty of something'. Say that it is full of something:
The garden is full of interesting shrubs and trees.

In written English, people sometimes prefer to use ample rather than plenty of, as it sounds more formal:
They were given ample time to complete the work.

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II. plenty2 adverb informal

1. plenty big/fast/warm etc enough used to emphasize that something is more than big enough, fast enough etc:
This apartment’s plenty big enough for two.

2. American English a lot or very:
I’d practiced plenty.
I was plenty nervous.

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III. plenty3 noun [uncountable] formal
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: plenté, from Latin plenitas 'fullness', from plenus 'full']

1. a situation in which there is a lot of food and goods available for people:
a land of plenty

2. in plenty in large supply or more than enough:
There was food and wine in plenty.

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