plotting ●●●○○

plotting ppl adjective. ['plɒtɪŋ]
plotting verbal noun. ['plɒtɪŋ]

ثبت یا رسم مسیر حرکت ، بردن نقاط روی طرح یانقشه ، علوم نظامی: رسم مسیر ناوبری هواپیما یا کشتی محل هدف یا دشمن
plotting ppl adjective. ['plɒtɪŋ] M17.
[formed as PLOTTING noun + -ING2.]
That plots something, scheming.

plottingly adverb M18.

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plotting verbal noun. ['plɒtɪŋ] L16.
[from PLOT verb1 + -ING1.]
The action of PLOT verb1.

Attrib. & comb.:
In the sense 'used in plotting or drawing to scale', as plotting-book, plotting paper, etc. Special combs., as plotting board (a) a form of drawing board on which the positions or courses of objects may be plotted; (b) an instrument for automatically plotting a graph; plotting machine a machine for automatically plotting a map; plotting rod a long rod made for moving the counters on a plotting table; plotting table (a) a large table bearing a small-scale map of a region on which the positions of enemy aircraft may be represented by movable counters etc.; (b) = plotting board (b) above.

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