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policy /ˈpɒləsi, ˈpɒlɪsi $ ˈpɑː-/ noun (plural policies)

مسلک ، رویه ، سیاست ، خط مشی ، سیاستمداری ، مصلحت اندیشی ، کاردانی ، بیمه نامه ، ورقه بیمه ، سند معلق به انجام شرطی ، اداره یاحکومت کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: تدبیر ، روانشناسی: خط مشی ، بازرگانی: بیمه نامه ، خط مشی ، سیاست ، علوم نظامی: روش

: policy (jf)

علوم دریایی: تدبیر
مهندسی صنایع: سیاست ، رویه ، خط مشی
در مدیریت ژاپنی به معنی جهت گیریهای بلند مدت و میان مدت مدیریت و نیز اهداف سالانه است . در ضمن به اهداف و اقدامات لازم برای دستیابی به اهداف دلالت می کن کامپیوتر: سیاست

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Synonyms: procedure, action, approach, code, course, custom, plan, practice, rule, scheme
English Thesaurus: plan, plot/conspiracy, scheme, strategy, initiative, ...

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policy S3 W1 AC /ˈpɒləsi, ˈpɒlɪsi $ ˈpɑː-/ noun (plural policies)
[Sense 1,3: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: policie, from Late Latin politia; police1]
[Sense 2: Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: police 'document, certificate', from Old Italian polizza, from Greek apodeixis 'proof']

1. [uncountable and countable] a way of doing something that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party, a business, or another organization
foreign/economic/public etc policy
a foreign policy adviser
The company has adopted a strict no-smoking policy.
policy on/towards
government policy on higher education
US policy towards China
it is (sb’s) policy to do something
It is hospital policy to screen all mothers with certain risk factors.

2. [countable] a contract with an insurance company, or an official written statement giving all the details of such a contract:
an insurance policy
There’s a clause in the policy that I’d like to discuss.
I’ve just renewed the policy (=arranged for it to continue).
Does the policy cover theft and fire?
You can take out a policy (=buy one) for as little as $11.00 a month.

3. [countable] a particular principle that you believe in and that influences the way you behave
it is sb’s policy to do something
It’s always been my policy not to gossip.

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I. plan of action
ADJ. clear, coherent | conscious, deliberate a deliberate policy to involve people of all ages in the scheme
strict | controversial | official, public | government, party | company | domestic, internal, national, regional | open-door an open-door policy for migrant workers
agricultural, conservation, economic, educational, energy, environmental, financial, fiscal, foreign, housing, industrial, military, social, transport, etc.
VERB + POLICY develop, formulate, frame, shape | establish, implement, introduce | adopt, carry out, follow, pursue The government followed a policy of restraint in public spending.
have, operate The company operates a strict no-smoking policy.
POLICY + VERB be aimed at sth a policy aimed at halting economic recession
POLICY + NOUN decision, making | change, review | document, statement
PREP. ~ of The company's policy of expansion has created many new jobs.
~ on the party's policy on housing
PHRASES a matter of policy It is a matter of company policy that we do not disclose the names of clients.

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II. insurance contract
ADJ. insurance | contents, life, motor, etc.
VERB + POLICY take out | renew
POLICY + VERB cover sb/sth The policy covers (you for) accidental loss or damage.
POLICY + NOUN holder | schedule
PREP. in a/the ~ risks defined in the policy
under a/the ~ the types of claims covered under the policy

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government/public/state policy
Government spending is determined by government policy.
party policy
State ownership is party policy.
company/hospital/university etc policy
It is not company policy to offer refunds.
foreign policy
Support for human rights is a key element in our foreign policy.
economic/fiscal policy
The middle classes have suffered most as a result of government economic policies.
defence/energy/housing etc policy
Our energy policies must put the environment first.
a deliberate policy
Some customers pursue a deliberate policy of delaying payment.
a clear policy
There was no clear policy on this matter.
a coherent policy (=one in which all the parts of the policy work well together)
A long-term coherent policy for industry is needed.
formulate/develop a policy
We try to formulate policies that will meet the needs of the people.
make policy (=decide what it will be)
A committee of representatives makes policy.
shape policy (=develop it or have an influence on it)
These terrorist acts will not be allowed to shape our foreign policy.
adopt a policy (=use one)
He adopted a policy of radical reform.
implement a policy (=take action in the way that has been decided)
Local government is responsible for implementing central government policy.
pursue/follow a policy (=continue with a policy over a period of time)
The organization is pursuing a policy of cost cutting.
reverse a policy (=stop a policy and change it)
The new government set about reversing previous policies.
a policy aims at something/to do something (=tries to achieve something)
The policy aimed to reduce the budget deficit.
a policy decision
No policy decision can be made until the next meeting.
a policy statement
There has been no policy statement on this from the French government.
a policy change
There have been numerous policy changes in recent months.
a policy issue
He rarely consulted him on general policy issues.
a policy maker (=someone who decides on what it should be)
Policy makers have not dealt with the issue very effectively.
a policy objective
How can we best achieve our policy objectives?
a policy initiative (=something done to achieve a policy's goals)
The policy initiatives have focused on the inner cities.
a change of/in policy
This decision represented a major change in policy.
a shift in policy (=a small change)
The shift in policy placed more emphasis on teachers' assessments of students' progress.
a reversal of policy (=a change back to what it was before)
The strength of this opposition forced a rapid reversal of policy.
an insurance policy
Is the damage covered by your insurance policy?
a life policy/life insurance policy (=one that will pay out money if you die)
New homeowners must usually buy a life policy before they can get a mortgage.
a contents policy British English (=one that will pay out money if things in your home are damaged or stolen)
Most basic contents policies cover accidents to mirrors.
take out/buy a policy (=arrange it)
People with children should take out a life insurance policy.
renew a policy (=buy it again, especially regularly)
The policy must be renewed every year.
a policy covers something (=will pay out money in relation to it)
The policy does not cover dental bills.
a policy pays out (=pays you money when you claim it)
I thought my insurance policy would pay out.

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