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Polish /ˈpəʊlɪʃ $ ˈpoʊ-/ adjective
polish /ˈpɒlɪʃ $ ˈpɑː-/ verb [transitive]

پرداخت کردن ، جلاء
(n.adj.vt&vi) صیقل ، واکس زنی ، پرداخت ، ارایش ، مبادی ادابی ، تهذیب ، جلا دادن ، صیقل دادن ، منزه کردن ، واکس زدن ، براق کردن
(n) لهستانی ، علوم مهندسی: جلاء ، معماری: صیقل

: polish (to)

صیقلی کردن ، مالیدن ، پرداخت کردن ، معماری: صیقل زدن
- shine, brighten, buff, burnish, rub, smooth, wax
- perfect, brush up, enhance, finish, improve, refine, touch up
- varnish, wax
- sheen, brightness, finish, glaze, gloss, lustre
- style, breeding, class (informal), elegance, finesse, finish, grace, refinement
Contrasted words: roughen
Related Words: brighten, scour, scrub, better, improve, mend, brush up, furbish, touch up, mature, perfect

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I. Polish1 /ˈpəʊlɪʃ $ ˈpoʊ-/ adjective
relating to Poland, its people, or its language

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II. Polish2 noun

1. the Polish [plural] people from Poland

2. [uncountable] the language used in Poland

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I. polish1 /ˈpɒlɪʃ $ ˈpɑː-/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: polir, from Latin polire]

1. to make something smooth, bright, and shiny by rubbing it:
I spent all afternoon polishing the silver.
polish something with something
Polish the lenses with a piece of tissue.

2. to improve a piece of writing, a speech etc by making slight changes to it before it is completely finished:
Your essay is good, you just need to polish it a bit.
—polishing noun [uncountable]
polish somebody/something ↔ off phrasal verb informal
a) to finish food, work etc quickly or easily:
Sam polished off the rest of the pizza.
b) American English to kill or defeat a person or animal when they are weak or wounded:
He was polished off with a shotgun blast to the face.
polish something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. (also polish up on something) to improve a skill or an ability by practising it:
You should polish up your Spanish before you go to Chile.

2. to make something seem better or more attractive to other people:
The company needs to polish up its image.

3. to polish something

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II. polish2 noun

1. [uncountable and countable] a liquid, powder, or other substance that you rub into a surface to make it smooth and shiny
furniture/shoe/floor etc polishFrench polish

2. [singular] especially British English an act of polishing a surface to make it smooth and shiny:
An occasional polish will keep wall tiles looking good.

3. [uncountable] a high level of skill or style in the way someone performs, writes, or behaves:
Carla’s writing has potential, but it lacks polish.

4. [singular] the smooth shiny appearance of something produced by polishing
spit and polish at spit2(5)

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ADJ. boot, furniture, metal, nail, shoe, silver | French | beeswax, wax
VERB + POLISH apply Apply polish with a soft brush.
give sth You'll need to give your shoes a good polish.
remove Use acetone to remove nail polish.

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