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poll /pəʊl $ poʊl/ noun
poll verb [transitive]

رای شماری ، صورت اراء ، حائز شدن اکثریت سر ، کله ، حوزه رای گیری ، رای جویی ، پهنه ، اخذ رای دسته جمعی ، تعداد اراء ، اخذ اراء (معمولا بصورت جمع) ، فهرست نامزدهای انتخاباتی ، مراجعه به اراء عمومی ، رای دادن ، رای اوردن ، راس کلاه ، رای گرفتن ، نمونه برداشتن ، سر شماری کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: تعداد رای دهندگان ، روانشناسی: نظرسنجی ، بازرگانی: نظر خواهی کردن
- canvass, ballot, census, count, sampling, survey
- vote, figures, returns, tally, voting
- tally, register
- question, ballot, canvass, interview, sample, survey
English Thesaurus: ask, inquire/enquire, demand, interview, poll, ...

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I. poll1 W3 /pəʊl $ poʊl/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: poll 'head' (13-19 centuries), from Middle Low German; from the idea of counting heads]

1. [countable] the process of finding out what people think about something by asking many people the same question, or the record of the result Synonym : opinion poll, survey:
A recent poll found that 80% of Californians support the governor.
Polls indicate that education is the top issue with voters.
Labour is ahead in the polls.
The latest public opinion poll showed that 25% of us consider ourselves superstitious.
conduct/carry out/do a poll
a poll conducted by ‘USA Today’
poll on
a poll on eating habits
poll of
a poll of 1,000 people

2. go to the polls to vote in an election:
Ten million voters went to the polls.

3. [singular] British English the process of voting in an election, or the number of votes recorded:
Labour won the election with 40% of the poll.
The result of the poll won’t be known until around midnight.

4. the polls the place where you can go to vote in an election:
The polls will close in an hour.

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II. poll2 verb [transitive]

1. to ask a lot of people the same questions in order to find out what they think about a subject:
18% of the women we polled said their husbands had a drinking problem.

2. to get a particular number of votes in an election:
Labour polled just 4% of the vote.

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I. survey of opinion
ADJ. local, national | opinion | political, popularity | exit Exit polls suggest a big Labour majority, but the true picture will only be known after the count.
straw I took a straw poll among my colleagues to find out how many can use chopsticks.
latest, recent
VERB + POLL carry out, conduct, take | lead (in) | publish
POLL + VERB indicate sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth
POLL + NOUN rating, results
PREP. in the ~s success in the polls
PHRASES be ahead/behind in the polls With a week to go until polling day, the Conservatives are still behind in the polls.
a lead in the polls A tougher budget might have widened Labour's lead in the polls.

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II. (usually the polls) voting in an election
ADJ. presidential
VERB + POLL go to The country goes to the polls on May 7th to elect local councillors.
POLL + VERB open | close Counting will begin as soon as the polls close.
PREP. at the ~s She was defeated at the polls.

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carry out/take/do a poll
A similar poll was carried out among academics in the United States.
A poll taken last month gave the Democrats a seven-point lead.
conduct a poll formal (=carry out a poll)
The poll was conducted with a sample of 1,023 adults.
a poll shows/indicates/suggests something
Polls show that older voters are most concerned about economic issues.
a poll finds something
Our poll found that 29 percent rated his performance as good.
poll results/findings
The poll results are very encouraging.
a poll rating (=showing how popular someone is)
His poll ratings keep slipping.
an opinion poll (=that measures what people think about something)
A recent opinion poll showed strong support for the government.
an exit poll (=when people are asked how they have just voted)
The exit polls said that 46 percent of women had voted for Obama.
a popularity poll (=measuring how popular someone is)
In most popularity polls, he is in fourth or fifth place.
a local/national/statewide etc poll
Local polls show him leading by only two or three points.
sb’s lead in the polls
Labour soon regained its lead in the polls.
sb’s standing in the polls (=how popular a poll shows them to be)
The President's standing in the polls declined sharply.
be ahead/leading in the polls
The good news is that we are ahead in the polls.
be behind/trailing in the polls
At the moment the Democrats are trailing in the polls.

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