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ponderous /ˈpɒndərəs $ ˈpɑːn-/ adjective

وزین ، خیلی سنگین ، خیلی کودن
- dull, heavy, long-winded, pedantic, tedious
- unwieldy, bulky, cumbersome, heavy, huge, massive, weighty
- clumsy, awkward, heavy-footed, lumbering
Contrasted words: sparkling, vivid, easy, natural, relaxed, supple, unlabored
Related Words: substantial, burdensome, onerous, oppressive, dreary, dry, dull, humdrum, lifeless, monotonous, pedestrian, plodding, stodgy, stuffy, arid, barren, flat, insipid, savorless, vapid, buckram, cardboard, muscle-bound, stiff, stilted, wooden

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ponderous /ˈpɒndərəs $ ˈpɑːn-/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: pondéreux, from Latin ponderosus, from pondus; ponder]

1. slow or awkward because of being very big and heavy:
an elephant’s ponderous walk

2. boring, very serious, and seeming to progress very slowly:
a ponderous and difficult book
The system, though ponderous, works.
—ponderously adverb
—ponderousness noun [uncountable]

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