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poor /pɔː $ pʊr/ adjective (comparative poorer, superlative poorest)

لاغر ، بی قوت ، فقیر ، مسکین ، بینوا ، بی پول ، مستمند ، معدود ، ناچیز ، پست ، نامرغوب ، دون ، معماری: بد ، قانون ـ فقه: مفلس ، بازرگانی: ضعیف
- impoverished, broke (informal), destitute, down and out, hard up (informal), impecunious, indigent, needy, on the breadline, penniless, penurious, poverty-stricken, short, skint (Brit. slang), stony-broke (Brit. slang)
- inadequate, deficient, incomplete, insufficient, lacking, meagre, measly, scant, scanty, skimpy
- inferior, below par, low-grade, mediocre, no great shakes (informal), not much cop (Brit. slang), rotten (informal), rubbishy, second-rate, substandard, unsatisfactory
- unfortunate, hapless, ill-fated, luckless, pitiable, unlucky, wretched
Antonyms: rich
Contrasted words: affluent, comfortable, moneyed, oofy, opulent, pecunious, prosperous, wealthy, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do
Related Idioms: down to one's bottom dollar, flat broke, hard up, in need, in penury, in rags, in want, on one's beam-ends, on one's uppers, out at elbows, out of pocket, poor as a church mouse, unable to keep the wolf from the door, unable to make ends meet
Related Words: distressed, embarrassed, pinched, reduced, straitened, bankrupt, bankrupted, insolvent, hardscrabble, moneyless, penceless, penniless, unmoneyed, beggarly, down-and-out, pauperized, underprivileged
English Thesaurus: bad, poor, not very good, disappointing, negative, ...

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poor S1 W1 /pɔː $ pʊr/ adjective (comparative poorer, superlative poorest)
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: povre, from Latin pauper]

a) having very little money and not many possessions Antonym : rich:
Her family were so poor they couldn’t afford to buy her new clothes.
an area where poor people lived
one of the poorest countries in the world
a poor part of Chicago (=where a lot of poor people live)
My grandparents grew up dirt poor (=very poor).
desperately/extremely poor
Many of the families are desperately poor.
b) the poor [plural] people who are poor:
It’s the government’s responsibility to help the poor.
the rural/urban/working poor
tax relief for the working poor

2. NOT GOOD not as good as it could be or should be:
The soil in this area is very poor.
poor rates of pay
He blames himself for the team’s poor performance.
of poor quality (=not made well or not made of good materials)
The jacket was of very poor quality.
poor hearing/eyesight/memory
Her hearing is poor, so speak fairly loudly.
make/do a poor job of doing something
The builders did a really poor job of fixing our roof.

3. SYMPATHY [only before noun] spoken used to show sympathy for someone because they are so unlucky, unhappy etc:
Poor kid, he’s had a rough day.
You poor thing, you’ve had a hard time of it, haven’t you?
Poor old Ted was sick for weeks.

4. NOT GOOD AT SOMETHING not good at doing something:
a poor public speaker
poor at
He’s poor at sports.

5. HEALTH someone whose health is poor is ill or weak for a long period of time:
My parents are both in rather poor health.

6. poor in something lacking something that is needed:
The country is poor in natural resources.

7. a poor second/third etc the act of finishing a race, competition etc a long way behind the person ahead of you:
McLean won easily, and Benson was a poor second.
come (in) a poor second/third etc British English:
The Socialists came a poor second with 26.5% of the vote.

8. the poor man’s somebody used to say that someone is like a very famous performer, writer etc but is not as good as they are:
He was the poor man’s Elvis Presley.

9. the poor man’s something used to say that something can be used for the same purpose as something else, and is much cheaper:
Herring is the poor man’s salmon.

10. poor relation British English someone or something that is not treated as well as other members of a group or is much less successful than they are
poor relation of
Theatre musicians tend to be the poor relations of the musical profession.
be in bad/poor taste at taste1(6), ⇒ poorly

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extremely poor
His parents were extremely poor.
desperately poor (=so poor that it causes great suffering)
Half the population remains desperately poor.
dirt poor American English informal (=extremely poor)
We were dirt poor back then.
the rural poor (=poor people who live in the countryside)
Difficult economic conditions have driven millions of the rural poor to cities.
the urban poor (=poor people who live in towns and cities)
The condition of the urban poor could no longer be ignored.
the working poor (=poor people who have jobs, rather than unemployed people)
These tax-cut proposals are targeted at the working poor.

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BAD: He gave all his money to the poors.
GOOD: He gave all his money to the poor.

Usage Note:
the poor (WITHOUT -s ) = all people that are poor: 'In a recession it is always the poor that suffer the most.'

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