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pose /pəʊz $ poʊz/ verb

(n.vt.& vi.) مطرح کردن ، گذاردن ، قراردادن ، اقامه کردن ، ژست گرفتن ، وانمود شدن ، قیافه گرفتن ، وضع ، حالت ، ژست ، قیافه گیری برای عکسبرداری ، baffle
(vt.) ، puzzle ، ) questionسوال پیچ کردن باسئوال گی ر انداختن
- position, model, sit
- put on airs, posture, show off (informal)
- pose as: impersonate, masquerade as, pass oneself off as, pretend to be, profess to be
- posture, attitude, bearing, position, stance
- act, affectation, air, façade, front, mannerism, posturing, pretence
Related Words: ask, query, question, confound, puzzle, baffle, peacock, strut, fake, feign, pretend, sham, profess, purport, grandstand, show off, dog, prettiness, pretense, pretension

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I. pose1 W3 AC /pəʊz $ poʊz/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: poser, from Late Latin pausare 'to stop, rest', from Latin pausa; pause2]

1. CAUSE PROBLEM [transitive] to exist in a way that may cause a problem, danger, difficulty etc
pose a threat/danger/risk
Officials claim the chemical poses no real threat.
pose something to/for somebody/something
The events pose a challenge to the church’s leadership.
Rising unemployment is posing serious problems for the administration.

PICTURE [intransitive] to sit or stand in a particular position in order to be photographed or painted, or to make someone do this
pose for
We posed for photographs.

3. pose a question to ask a question, especially one that needs to be carefully thought about:
In her book she poses the question ‘How much do we need to be happy?’.

4. pose as somebody to pretend to be someone else, in order to deceive people:
Bryce was caught posing as a lawyer.

5. TO IMPRESS PEOPLE [intransitive] to dress or behave like a rich and fashionable person in order to make other people notice you or admire you

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II. pose2 AC noun [countable]

1. the position in which someone stands or sits, especially in a painting, photograph etc
in a pose
a painting of the Duchess in a dramatic pose
Ann struck a pose (=stood or sat in a particular position) and smiled for the camera.

2. behaviour in which someone pretends to have a quality or social position they do not really have, usually in order to make other people notice them or admire them:
Her confidence was merely a pose to hide her uncertainty.

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pose a threat/danger/risk
The chemical leak poses a threat to human health.
pose a problem
A flood of refugees could pose a serious problem for neighbouring countries.
pose difficulties
Physical education and games pose difficulties for short-sighted children.
pose a challenge
The material being taught must pose a challenge to pupils.
pose a dilemma (=cause a situation in which it is very difficult to decide what to do)
In the future, the possibility of genetic testing on unborn children will pose a dilemma for parents.

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