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potent /ˈpəʊtənt $ ˈpoʊ-/ adjective

قوی ، پرزور ، نیرومند
- powerful, authoritative, commanding, dominant, dynamic, influential
- strong, forceful, mighty, powerful, vigorous
Antonyms: impotent

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potent /ˈpəʊtənt $ ˈpoʊ-/ adjective
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: present participle of potere 'to be powerful']

1. having a very powerful effect or influence on your body or mind Synonym : powerful:
potent drugs
a potent symbol of oppression
Advertising is a potent force in showing smoking as a socially acceptable habit.
A good company pension scheme remains a potent weapon for attracting staff.

2. powerful and effective:
The treaty requires them to get rid of their most potent weapons.

3. a man who is potent is able to have sex or able to make a woman pregnant Antonym : impotent
—potently adverb

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VERBS be | become
ADV. extremely, highly, particularly, very | pretty, quite The vodka must have been pretty potent stuff.

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