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precipitant adjective & noun. [prɪ'sɪpɪt(ǝ)nt]

شتابزده ، جدا شدنی ، تعلیق ، شدنی ، باعجله ، عامل رسوب
Synonyms: precipitate, abrupt, hasty, headlong, hurried, impetuous, precipitous, rushing, subitaneous, sudden

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pre·cip·i·tant (prĭ-sĭpĭ-tənt)
Rushing or falling headlong.
Acting with or marked by impulsiveness in thought or action; rash. See Usage Note at precipitate.
Abrupt or unexpected; sudden.
n. Chemistry
A substance that causes a precipitate to form when it is added to a solution.

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[Latin praecipitāns, praecipitant- present participle of praecipitāre, to throw headlong. See precipitate.]

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pre·cipi·tant·ly adv.

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