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pregnant /ˈpreɡnənt/ adjective

حاملگی ، ابستن ، باردار ، قانون ـ فقه: حامله
پزشکی: آبستن

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- expectant, big or heavy with child, expecting (informal), in the club (Brit. slang), with child
- meaningful, charged, eloquent, expressive, loaded, pointed, significant, telling, weighty
Contrasted words: barren, infertile, delivered, postpartum
Related Idioms: in an interesting condition, in the family way, with child (or young)
Related Words: consequential, important, momentous, significant, weighty

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pregnant S3 /ˈpreɡnənt/ adjective
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: praegnans, from praegnas, from prae- (pre-) + gnatus 'born']

1. if a woman or female animal is pregnant, she has an unborn baby growing inside her body ⇒ pregnancy:
medical care for pregnant women
I knew right away that I was pregnant.
I thought I was too old to get pregnant.
twenty weeks/three months etc pregnant
She’s about five months pregnant.
pregnant with
Maria was pregnant with her second child.
I didn’t mean to get her pregnant (=make her pregnant).
His wife was heavily pregnant (=almost ready to give birth).

2. pregnant pause/silence a pause or silence which is full of meaning or emotion:
He stopped, and there was a pregnant pause.

3. pregnant with something formal containing a lot of a quality:
Every phrase in this poem is pregnant with meaning.

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VERBS be, look | become, fall (informal), get | get sb, make sb He got her pregnant.
ADV. heavily, very
PREP. by She was pregnant by a former client.
PHRASES six weeks, three months, etc. pregnant

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become pregnant
Sally became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby son.
get pregnant informal (=become pregnant)
She got pregnant when she was sixteen.
get somebody pregnant (=make a woman pregnant, usually without planning to)
At least he didn't get you pregnant.
twelve weeks pregnant/two months pregnant etc
The doctor said that she was eight weeks pregnant.
heavily pregnant (=having almost reached the time when you will give birth)
I saw at once that the woman was heavily pregnant.

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