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premise /ˈpreməs, ˈpremɪs/ noun

قضیه ثابت یا اثبات شده ، بنیاد واساس بحث ، صغری وکبرای قیاس منطقی ، فرض قبلی ، فرضیه مقدم ، فرض منطقی کردن
Synonyms: assumption, argument, assertion, hypothesis, postulation, presupposition, proposition, supposition

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premise W3 /ˈpreməs, ˈpremɪs/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: prémisse, from Medieval Latin praemissa, from Latin praemittere 'to place ahead']

1. premises [plural] the buildings and land that a shop, restaurant, company etc uses:
Schools may earn extra money by renting out their premises.
business premises
off the premises
The manager escorted him off the premises.
on the premises
The wonderful desserts are made on the premises.

2. [countable] (also premiss British English) a statement or idea that you accept as true and use as a base for developing other ideas:
The idea that there is life on other planets is the central premise of the novel.
premise that
the premise that an accused person is innocent until they are proved guilty

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